Budget Hunting Binoculars: Digiscoping Doesn’t Discriminate

Many hunters will tell you that their optics are the most important equipment in their pack – and for good reason. Clear, reliable binoculars allow for quick recognition of wild game. For deer hunters, this means, among other things, swiftly identifying antler and body characteristics to determine age class. As such, many hunters will stretch their budget when it comes … Read More

Phone Skope Adds Pieces to Your Whitetail Puzzle

Y’all, I’m terrible at putting puzzles together. Well, an entire puzzle that is. I’m really good at finding the corners and I’m decent when it comes to connecting a few more pieces in the middle. But oftentimes, there’s just something that I’m still missing. And when it comes to my whitetail scouting, much of the same can be said because … Read More

Digiscoping Beats Trail Cameras

This article, Digiscoping Beats Trail Cameras, was written by our friends at 1st Light Hunting Journal. 5 Ways Digiscoping Beats Trail Cameras for Whitetail Scouting For decades now, trail cameras have been one of the most useful innovations for deer hunters. And they continue to get better – with the latest feature being wireless cameras allowing you to be alerted … Read More

Digiscoping for Whitetails

This article on Digiscoping for Whitetails was written by our friends at 1st Light Hunting Journal. The How and Why to Digiscoping for Whitetails: The Basics Whitetail deer hunters love their gear. There is a ton of it out there all aimed at increasing your odds of taking a quality buck. Products ranging from the basic to the revolutionary abound. … Read More

Supercharging Phone Skope Images With Text

Taking photos is fun and enjoyable, but you can do so much more with them, which is why our friends at 1st Light Hunting Journal put together this article on supercharging Phone Skope images with text. I love harvesting whitetail bucks, particularly mature ones. And with mature bucks comes extra challenge and legwork. It’s that very challenge that makes me … Read More

Digiscoping The Moon

We’re told that it’s up there. Most nights you can see it with the naked eye and it’s casting shadows. I’ve looked at it a few times through binoculars or spotting scope and it never ceases to amaze me, but I haven’t spent much time digiscoping the moon. Needing to break-up the monotony of sitting at home. I decided I … Read More

Join us in the fight against the Coronavirus

Let’s face it, Covid-19 has turned our world upside down. From social distancing to worrying about the health of our loved ones, to the severe drought of toilet paper, it’s been a scary time. Skoped Industries is not immune to the chaos, but we are doing all we can to keep productions running as normal. We have been blessed that … Read More

2019 Holiday Gift Guide

Skoped Industries Holiday Gift Guide   Searching for the PERFECT gift for that special someone? Skoped Industries has you covered! Check out the best gifts for this Holiday Season.  Phone Skope Smartphone Digiscoping The Phone Skope makes a great gift for any outdoorsman, birder or nature enthusiast. The intuitive two-piece design will allow the user to capture high-quality pictures and … Read More

How to Conserve Your Phone Battery

Phoneskope how to digiscope for birds

Phone batteries have come a long way in the last few years. It has become one of the top things to consider when looking at a new smartphone. It is also a highlighted selling point for phone manufacturers when they are introducing a new model of smartphone. In our experience Phone Skoping throughout the years, we have seen the batteries … Read More

Dual-Lens Smartphone Cameras, Part 2 : A Closer Look at the 2x Lens

  Welcome to part 2 of the Dual-Lens smartphone camera breakdown. If you caught part 1, you know we discussed the benefits of the wide-angle lens and when it is best used. We also touched on the upside and downside of each lens. In this post we are going to take a closer look at the telephoto lens (Pun very … Read More