What possibly could the Phone Skope have to do with Hunter Safety? One of the old developers of the modern Hunter Safety Movement, A. Lee Robertson, emphasized that when a youngster shoots for the first time, it is imperative that they have faith that the firearm they are shooting actually will shoot where they are aiming. By that he meant that the student had to be able to shoot the target and have the firearm hit the where the student was aiming. What am I getting at?

Having taught Hunter Safety for over 30 years, part of the responsibility of parents is to take their kids out and not only let them plink but more importantly, they need to be able to sight the firearm in to have assurance that the gun shoots true. When student come to do their range qualification, the expectation is that they can shoot a passing score. We have found that if parents will take a gun out and shoot the firearm with the student, and prove the gun in on, use a dead rest and let the student experience that the gun is on, the rest is history. Well, we all know that a student cannot use a dead rest in their qualifications but, having a student use the dead rest to assure themselves the gun shoots correctly provides immediate results as a confidence builder for the student.


Placing the small caliber firearm in a dead rest and attaching a Phone Skope on the firearm to align with the target can immediately affirm the scope is on or off. It will also allow an easy way to sight the scope in.


The Phone Skope should not be used with large caliber weapons as the recoil could damage the rifle, the scope, the Phone Skope, or all three. Large calibers rely on the firearm transferring the impact of energy from the barrel to the stock to the human body as a means of dampening this energy. Also, some laws may prohibit the use of an optical viewing system on a firearm. Please check your local regulations.