Phone Skope started out as a father/son project while scouting elk in Southern Utah. Since that time, our focus has been to develop a program or series of steps that allow not only father/son projects, but anyone to utilize the great characteristics of today’s smartphone and couple it with the optics found inmost family or business closets. Using both in a tandem fashion, the potential for cool things is limitless.
We quickly found that the views that we captured were so exhilarating, that others wanted our device immediately to garner the same experience for themselves and their family or their business.
Grizzley Bear Taken with an iPhone 4s and a Meopta Euro 10x50

Grizzley Bear Taken with an iPhone 4s and a Cabelas Euro 12×50 using Phone Skope

Explorers, hunters, viewers of nature and habitat have long used optical devices to enhance their viewing opportunities when viewing great distances. With the recent advances in the capabilities of camera equipment being installed in tandem with cellular telephones, a device is needed to utilize both mediums in a simple non sophisticated environment. Statistics currently place a cell phone in proximity of the majority of adults in the United States. Additionally, most phones contain a camera as a non-optional feature. Quality from these cameras was not limited to the electronic capability of the device but was subject to the quality of lens that was placed on the camera/cellphone case. Several patent applications exist that provide for the addition of lens to the cellular cameras via some type of mount.


Phone Skope does not incorporate lens or placement of lenses to enhance the quality of pictures.  Phone Skope does not mandate this brand of phone or that brand of optic, our goal was to provide an a device that would fit any smart phone and attach to any optic. Truly a universal device for universal application. Our device attaches the camera to an existing set of optics that are already in the possession of the photographer, nature viewer or industry worker. Phone Skope very easily attaches the smartphone to binoculars, spotting scopes, telescopes, microscopes, rifle optics and scopes, surveying transits, electronic range finders, trajectory compensating devices, monocular scopes and other optical devices. Since these devices come from a variety of manufacturers and in a variety of qualities, sizes and shapes, we needed the capability of having an adapter that could be available for an infinite number of application matches. We have taken size measures of all leading manufacturers and retailers of optical devices and will continue to produce eye piece adapters to fit future optics as they come to market.


The concept of our Phone Skope is NOT solely to capture pictures and/or video but take a first person view and turn it into Digital sharing experience. Utilizing digital capabilities we can provide a first, second, third person view. Phone Skope will allow a one person experience being viewed through binoculars, spotting scopes, telescopes, microscopes, rifle optics and scopes, surveying transits,electronic range finders, trajectory compensating device, monocular scopes and other optical devices into a multiple viewer opportunity to. Using Phone Skope, opportunities now allow multiple viewers to be present at the physical location or viewing from remote locations such as home, office, etc. via Video/Cyber Chat apps. Additionally, the media can be accessed for later review from a recorded video or photo captured at any given time. Our goal is as simple as turning a single-person event into a digital version that can be shared in numerous ways among multiple viewers from various locations simultaneous.


What have we found? Very simply put, we found that the cost of optics ranges from a $49.00 spottingscope on the internet to scopes costing $5000. Is there a difference in the quality? Without a doubt, but we also found that the quality of the optics only accounted for a portion of the image degradation. We took the cheapest spotting scope we could find and coupled it with a modern smartphone and the result was astonishing. Using the cell phone screen to do the majority of focus, zoom, and picture taking actions, we were viewing scenes 3-5 miles away in unbelievable detail.


Whatever you have at home, whether it is the best on the market or not, by using the Phone Skope to enhance the capabilities of each, your cellphone camera and your optic can now deliver an unbelievable experience.