Shooting SportsWhat a GIANT term: Archery, Rifle, Shotgun, Pistol, BlackPower, Crossbow, AirGun.

Whatever your pleasure, the Phone Skope is for you.We have developed an Eye Piece lens attachment for whatever you shoot that incorporates an optics system.
In discussion with avid shooters, they were skeptical of how or maybe what the need of the Phone Skope would be in the Shooting Sports arena. The discussion had not even begun before the power of the Phone Skope developed from a need to a “have to”. Most shooters make their shots then immediately grab a spotting scope to examine their performance and immediate compensate for any deficiency they can calculate from the view in their scope. After each shot, the pictures changes and in a matter of several shots, the order, which shot hit where and other factors are confused as the number of holes increases. I have watched archers evaluate their shots to help them determine what shifts are needed to place the arrows in the exact spot they want. Most of this is accomplished by backing off and evaluating the target from the view of a spotting scope. What we have found is a person can place the Phone Skope on the spotting scope and placing the scope adjacent to the bench or shooting area and in a matter of a parting finger swipe, enlarge their target area exposing each shot and what compensation is need to place the next round or arrow. In addition, a photo can be taken after each shot for later evaluation and critiquing. The zooming and focusing function of your phone is far easier than adjusting your scope and depending on your app, a slight tap will do the focusing for you rather than having to spend time try to turn that eyepiece.
Rifle Scopes are part of an optics device that rely on the human eye not being directly on or close to the ocular lens. This space is called eye relief. It is needed so the recoil of the rifle does not hit you in the eye. The Phone Skope uses a standard eye relief of 3.25 inches. His allows your cell phone to have ample space to view the scoped areas sought. It also allows the cross hairs to be visible on the phone screen. Phone Skope will customize any scope application as needed to meet your particular application.