Phone Skope Digiscoping Tips – Using Autofocus for Sharper Photos and Video

Phone Skope Digiscoping Tips - Using Autofocus

The ProblemUsing your smartphone for digiscoping can be fun and rewarding, but also challenging. One of the the more challenging aspects is locking the exposure and focus in on the subject you’re photographing. If your subject is not in focus, the resulting video or picture can be undesirable. Therefore, figuring out a way to optimize your settings is essential for producing … Read More

Phone Skope Digiscoping Tips – What should you do with your optic adapter?

We get asked this question frequently. “What should I do with my optic adapter?” The Phone Skope is a two-piece system, a phone case and a optic adapter. The phone case is always on your phone and the optic adapter locks into the phone case. For spotting scopes, the optic adapters are bigger, so they do not always fit in … Read More

Warbler Guide App for Android Devices

Phoneskope Warbler Bird Spotting Guide

I have used the Warbler Guide App for iOS for over a year now and am in love with the function and content of the app, so I was excited to see that the app is now available to Android users! Here’s more from Princeton University Press: Introduction to the Warbler Guide App (Version 1.1) from Princeton University Press on … Read More