The Birdchick – Digiscoping Tips for Beginners

Digiscoping a Hummingbird

Digiscoping Tips Sharon Stiteler One of the big complaints I hear from people about digiscoping is how awful their photos look. My first question is always, “How many photos have you taken?” “Oh, maybe sixteen or twenty,” is the usual answer. That’s not nearly enough. For every great photo you see online or in print, there are anywhere from 20 … Read More

Phone Skope Digiscoping Tips – Digiscoping with Binoculars Part 1

Digiscoping with Binoculars

Folks often think that digiscoping can only be done with a spotting scope, but you can also digiscope with binoculars! I like to call this “digibinning.” Digibinning is super easy to do with your smartphone using a Phone Skope Adapter. All of our kits are two-piece, a phone-specific case and a optic adapter, which is either optic-specific or universal. In … Read More

The Birdchick – The Fun of Gator Farms

Birding for Wood Stork

The Fun of Gator Farms  Sharon Stiteler The best way to hone your smart phone photography skills is to find cooperative subjects. I know what you’re thinking, “Sharon, give me a break, birds are about as cooperative as a two year old.”  However, you can find situations where birds somewhat stationary or mildly predictable. One of those is a feeding station. Another … Read More