Frogs That Sound Like Birds

Chorus frog

When I was a kid, frogs and toads would trip me up all the time–especially spring peepers. Heck, even as a young adult I was fooled into thinking some frog calls were birds. My first time birding in Minneapolis, I headed to a city park known as T.S. Roberts Bird Sanctuary. I heard several creatures making the strangest sound I’d … Read More

Cape Coral Burrowing Owls

Burrowing Owl

Oh Florida, how I love you so with your super chill birds, especially your burrowing owls in Cape Coral. One of the cool things about visiting Florida is how relaxed all the birds appear to be. If you love taking pictures of birds, it’s great. A person can get very close to your subjects and they are not alarmed. Since … Read More

Fun With Photo Apps

Great Gray Owl photo editing app

Years ago when I was digiscoping with a single lens reflex camera, I went to take a picture of a northern saw-whet owl. The bird was hanging out in a Minneapolis backyard and the homeowner welcomed people who wanted to stop by. My husband who is a non-birder came with me to the yard because even he has to concede … Read More

Year of the Bird

I drove through downtown St. Paul today, it was sunny and beautiful. Two adult bald eagles soared overhead, cruising the Mississippi River for ducks and fish between the chunks of ice. Without thinking, I mumbled to myself, “Good morning, Sky Carp.” In the Twin Cities metro area, bald eagles are almost as common as crows, they nest in downtown Minneapolis … Read More

Versatility Of The Phone Skope Neck Buff

Phoneskope Neck Buff Versatility

Are Neck Buffs Versatile?Now and then I get one when I run a 5k, but I never do anything more creative than wearing it as a cowl around my neck and then use it to wipe up the sweat, or it becomes a cleaning rag. I’ve seen the instructions and have wondered if I have what it takes to fashion … Read More

Stop Phone Batteries Dying in the Cold

Digiscoping Common Redpoll

Common redpolls chowing down on thistle at a bird feeder.Ah winter! Where I live it can bring a host of species we can’t see any other time of year like snowy owls and redpolls. There’s a famous birding destination in Minnesota called Sax Zim Bog. This top winter destination, which hosts a bird festival every February is popular because it’s easily … Read More

Phone Skope Digiscoping Tips – Using Autofocus for Sharper Photos and Videos

Tips for Digiscoping with PhoneSkope

The Problem Using your smartphone for digiscoping can be fun and rewarding, but also challenging. One of the the more challenging aspects is locking the exposure and focus in on the subject you’re photographing. If your subject is not in focus, the resulting video or picture can be undesirable. Therefore, figuring out a way to optimize your settings is essential for … Read More

Do Amazing Things With Slo Mo on your Phones

Digiscoping Slo Mo with your phone

Are you one of those people who look at their phone and see all the settings and you’re just too scared to try them? You should get over that and start playing. One really fun feature is the Slo Mo which allows you to get slow motion video. You can do amazing things with and slow mo video and birds.The … Read More