Digiscoping Beats Trail Cameras

This article, Digiscoping Beats Trail Cameras, was written by our friends at 1st Light Hunting Journal. 5 Ways Digiscoping Beats Trail Cameras for Whitetail Scouting For decades now, trail cameras have been one of the most useful innovations for deer hunters. And they continue to get better – with the latest feature being wireless cameras allowing you to be alerted … Read More

Digiscoping for Whitetails

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Supercharging Phone Skope Images With Text

Taking photos is fun and enjoyable, but you can do so much more with them, which is why our friends at 1st Light Hunting Journal put together this article on supercharging Phone Skope images with text. I love harvesting whitetail bucks, particularly mature ones. And with mature bucks comes extra challenge and legwork. It’s that very challenge that makes me … Read More