2021 Father’s Day Gift Ideas

Dad’s can be tough to buy for. I get it. But, there are always things Dads can use and that’s what this list is for. So, if you need a few Father’s Day gift ideas, these 9 items should help. Remember, every order throughout the month of June in 2021 will give you one entry to win a Custom Grizzly Cooler packed full of Skoped Industries Gear.

Phone Skope

The Phone Skope is a great gift idea, especially if Dad loves taking his spotting scope and binoculars out to look for deer, elk, birds, and other wildlife. The Phone Skope allows him to attach his phone to his optics to record exactly what he can see through them. Then, he can share the pictures and video with you and on social media.

Phone Skope for Father's Day in 2021

Pyro Putty Extendable Flexible Arc Lighter

The Extendable Flexible Arc Lighter from Pyro Putty is perfect for the Dad that is always singeing his arm hairs off when lighting the grill. The lighter can extend out to 30 inches and is rechargeable. It will be your Dad’s newest pocket protector.

Extendable Rechargeable Arc Lighter for Father's Day

Skoped Shades

Every Dad needs a pair or two of Skoped Shades. He’s always losing or loaning them. Keep a pair on the dresser and in the glovebox, so he’ll never be without. Plus, they just look good.

Skoped Shades for Father's Day


A fresh lid (AKA hat) is always a must-have for Dad. Even if Dad is extremely hard to buy for, you can’t go wrong with a good lookin’ ball cap.


Sweatshirts and t-shirts get worn out over time, so you can never go wrong with loading Dad up with a couple of new wardrobe items. The collars can’t be popped on these threads, but they also won’t get worn out after the first wear and wash.

Custom Coolers

Ah, an icy cold beverage is better than sliced bread in the summertime. How do you keep them cold? A Grizzly Cooler! You can customize any of our coolers with your favorite family or wildlife pictures. Just choose the cooler size you want and upload your picture. The best gift!

Custom Grizzly Cooler

The Cooler Tray

Has your Dad ever reached into the cooler to find that all of his precious meat and cheese is soggy and ruined? I’m sure he’s said a few not-so-nice words after that. Anyway, we have a solution for his problem. The Cooler Tray keeps your food and drinks out of the ice melt, so you no longer have soggy food in your cooler.

The Cooler Tray

Grill Master Bundle

The Grill Master Bundle AKA The Father’s Day Special Bundle actually comes with two items on this list already, which is convenient! Your Dad will get The Cooler Tray, the Extendable Flexible Arc Lighter from Pyro Putty, and an 8oz can of Pyro Putty’s Competition Charcoal Starter. He’ll get the goods and you’ll save some coin on the bundle.

Weekly Deal

Last but not least, The Weekly Deal. Are you looking for a last-minute gift that won’t break the bank? Check out The Weekly Deal. It’s right at 50% off this week!

And that rounds out our Father’s Day Gift Ideas for 2021. If you’re still stuck or have a question, simply hop on the chat, send us an email at support@phoneskope.com, or call us at 800-790-4480.

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