More is Better: Carrying Multiple Optics on the Hunt

Multi Optic Digiscope Cover

Many traditional whitetail hunters are minimalists. Aside from public land bowhunters, most will head to their stand with their weapon of choice, binoculars, and a headlamp. In some cases, they will tote a bag containing such items as calls, scents, and a barrage of other small accessories. The kicker is, most of them won’t be used and could have been … Read More

Leisure Time and Summer Vacation Means Valuable Digiscoping Opportunities

Digiscoping Vacation

Anything worthwhile takes time and work. In my experience, this axiom usually holds up. Fine-tuning your digiscoping game is no different. While starting your digiscoping journey is easy, reaping the benefits it adds to your hunting pursuits is cumulative. It only improves by applying it; practicing it. As hunters, we cherish the opportunities to capture game animals in images and … Read More

Improve Your Digiscope Hunting and Scouting with a Tripod

Digiscope Hunting With A Tripod

“Steady now.” I can still hear my dad’s whisper as I set my sights on one of the first deer I ever shot. Especially when rifle hunting, I still whisper the same thing to myself before a shot. I’ve come to learn the importance of steadiness when viewing game animals through other optics as well. While routine glassing of deer … Read More

Post-Season Whitetail Digiscoping for Proof of Life

Offseason Buck Hunting Digiscope

Late winter is a tough time for whitetail hunters. Even though deer season can be taxing, its closing can be difficult. Sure, turkey season is right around the corner, as is fishing. Then there is the list of offseason chores. You know, such things as habitat improvements and securing new areas to hunt. Then there is scouting. It’s amazing how … Read More