A Whitetail Hunter Turned Bird-Watcher

A fellow hunter and friend of mine once sent me into shock with a single statement. We were having a conversation on hunting and habitat management when the die-hard and very seasoned whitetail hunter retorted, “Yeah, I’ve placed bird feeders near a couple of my deer stands”.  “Come again?”, I replied. He went on to explain how he loved to … Read More

Summertime Digiscope Scouting: Capturing the Spot Within the Spot

Whitetail bucks can be hard to catch up with – especially when your goal is to take them with a bow. Sure hunting television, social media, and YouTube can, at times, make it seem very doable. It is. However, if pressed, your average bowhunter will admit that it’s a difficult proposition. After all, there are so many variables to contend with; … Read More