The Ultimate Deer Hunting Resolution: Year-Round Digiscoping

It happens towards the end of every season. Temperatures, whitetail sightings, and hopes start to plummet. For diehard hunters, the season starts to take its toll both physically and mentally. This is especially true for those that have swung and missed on any deer harvests.  I recently thought intently about this on the last day of the regular Texas deer … Read More

Digiscoping: The Seamless Way to Share the Hunt

“I swear that buck was 20-inches wide if he was an inch”. We’ve all heard it. Heck, most of us have probably retorted this and similar statements ourselves. Such “field reports” are one of the things that make fireside chats and internet hunting threads great. From the days of bright flannel hunting shirts to today’s gadget-heavy field exploits, sharing the … Read More

Tagged Out? Late Season Digiscoping Opportunities Await

In the days and weeks following the Texas whitetail rut, I feel a lot of things. Among them are frustration, jubilation, and, well, fatigue. Whether I’ve taken a good buck or flat-out struck out in the Texas deer woods, I’m mentally and physically beat. Don’t get me wrong, I’m still primed for the next jaunt to the tree stand. However, … Read More