Leveraging Photo-Enhancing Apps for Digiscoping Success

I started my digiscoping journey capturing whitetails from hunting blinds and tree stands. While hunting continues to be my main reason for digiscoping, I’ve learned to utilize it in other outdoor endeavors as well. From birdwatching to vacation photo tours, this simple and affordable photography method has been a real game-changer. One of my favorite digiscoping activities is enlarging and … Read More

6 Basic Things You Need for Vacation Digiscoping on the Go

When the chill of winter starts to fade, visions of vacation time with friends and family consume the thoughts of many. From extensive ventures overseas to treks to the beach or area parks, the smell of spring and anticipation of summer means it’s time to hit the road or friendly skies. With leisure time in new places comes photography opportunities … Read More

What is Digiscoping Anyway? Understanding the Basics

Ever since the advent of cameras, capturing imagery has been an activity treasured by many. However, the interest in photography has increased exponentially since the days when photos were accompanied by a pop of sound and a flash of smoke.  Photography, in general, entails a lot of concepts, terms, and equipment that’s lost on the average Joe wanting to click … Read More