Why Digiscoping is for the Birds

I used to think that birdwatching was reserved for elderly couples. To be completely honest, the vision of Thurston and Lovey Howell sitting in the shade on Gilligan’s Island with binoculars in hand usually came to mind. It turns out, it’s quite a popular hobby for people of all ages from all over the world. It should come as no … Read More

6 Easy Smartphone Hacks for Capturing, Recording, and Sharing Images

You know those times when you’re gawking out the window and find yourself focused on an interesting bird, squirrel, or another critter? These moments can be interesting, thought-provoking, and even humorous. You snap back into consciousness, realizing that you’ve been captivated for minutes. As a sportsman, this occurs for me frequently – not just from the house, but the blind, … Read More