More than an Accessory: The Phone Skope Wireless Shutter Remote

Ask about any photographer and they’ll tell you that remote releases represent must-have equipment, not merely nifty accessories. For success, remote releases are considered required gear. They can enhance photos and video so much, that they’re a veritable no-brainer. I’ve heard it from novices and professionals alike. After all, they eliminate vibration borne of clumsy fingers and well, too much coffee. … Read More

5 Great Outdoor Locations for Digiscoping

Do you like outdoor landscapes? Do you take it a step further, surveying them with spotting scopes and binoculars? If your answer is no to the latter, you’re missing out. Landscape photography is one-stop-shopping for anyone that enjoys nature. From hunters to hikers; vacationers to naturalists – you don’t have to be a professional photographer to successfully capture nature in … Read More

Do You Really Summer Scout? Force Your Hand Through Digiscoping

According to social media and the all-knowing internet, ultra-serious deer hunters are seemingly everywhere. You know the ones. They talk about chasing these wily creatures all the time, regardless of the season. During the fall, if they’re not hunting, they’re plotting their next trip. During the offseason months, thoughts continue to be filled with tall antlers, new stand locations, and … Read More