Steady Now: Free-Hand Digiscope Scouting

Scouting and hunting whitetails and other big game have come a long way. Let’s face it, there are more gadgets that you can count these days – some of them essential and others, well… not so much. Optics have long since been considered part of the former group. Whether a solid rifle scope or handy spotting scope on the ground … Read More

Gear You Can Bank On: The Phone Skope Solar Power Bank

One commonality among outdoorsmen and women is that they love their gear. It’s undeniable. Hikers, campers, hunters, and climbers take their gear bags seriously. Often, the main goal is to be toting a ton of utility while maximizing space and weight. It’s a real balancing act. The same goes for the preparedness-minded. Indeed, serious adventure-seekers and survivalists alike are always … Read More

Don’t Fence Me In: Digiscoping Fence Lines for Whitetail Success

I sat down, flipped open my laptop, and let out a huge sigh. It was time to take a closer look at my current hunting property. With a handful of mature bucks already caught on camera, I had yet to connect on one.  Among other things, I had no real idea what direction they came from.  These bucks had largely … Read More