2023: The Year to Enhance Outdoor Memories Through Digiscoping

It’s safe to say everyone loves good memories; undeniable even. Over the holidays I heard a lot of memory-driven banter from family members. To compliment it, there was an occasional smartphone image to go with it. Of course, the older relatives were quick to break out photo albums; old school. However, most of the recollections and stories were left to the imagination.

Many memories are never visually documented, at least not beyond the area between the ears. It’s a shame too. After all, we carry smartphones with cameras that are off-the-charts good – and we tote them everywhere we go.

For our outdoor ventures, Phone Skope understands the power of capturing images and video with a smartphone. Their digiscoping kits take it a step further by connecting the smartphone to a pair of binoculars or a spotting scope. Heck, they even work on Go Pros. Why? To draw outdoor subjects, landscapes, and terrain features closer.

Calling all Adventurers

Phone Skope digiscoping kits are small, lightweight, and ruggedly-made.

Many outdoorsmen, sportsmen, and wanderers in general love to capture outdoor sights and occurrences. A simple reminder; you can buy a Phone Skope adapter kit custom-made for your smartphone and optics brand and model. This means hunters can more effectively scout. It also means hikers, overlanders, and vacationers can extend their ability to visually seize more images of their outdoor experiences. 

The Kit

For $80 or less, you can build your kit at PhoneSkope.com. It’s a small price to pay for such a rugged, lightweight, and ultra-portable photography setup.  What are you waiting for? You can secure your custom kit in minutes and be afield in no time. Components include the Phone Skope phone case, eyepiece adapter, and receiver plate. Made of stout ABS plastic, the biggest piece is the phone case and the whole kit weighs mere ounces. This minimalistic powerhouse connects your smartphone and optics, expanding possibilities through magnification.

Add something to your New Years’ Resolutions that both pay big dividends and are fun. In addition to new diets, exercise regimens, and financial goals, make 2023 your opportunity to visually record everything from your kid running on the beach to a distant elk clearing a tree line. Be resolute, your outdoor escapades deserve to tell a story. Be ready to express it with the original digiscoping kit, Phone Skope.

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