8 Great Holiday Gift Ideas from the Skoped Industries Family

With Thanksgiving in the rear-view mirror, the holiday whirlwind has begun – and with that comes the inherent onslaught of shopping.

If you’re seeking gifts for the outdoorsman in your life, there are many choices these days. There are more hunting and outdoor products than you can shake a stick at. More than ever though, it can be hard to distinguish between gear and gadgets.

One thing is for sure, the men and women seeking hunting and outdoor adventure want much more than socks or soap on a rope. They want a gift that has utility.

Look no further than the product lineup from Skoped Industries

From digiscoping gear from their flagship brand, Phone Skope, to their ever-growing Pyro Putty brand, the product offerings are attractive to a broad audience. I’m talking gear that’s appealing to hunters, fishermen, campers, hikers, and survivalists – just to name a few. 

To add to their appeal, the products are low to moderately priced. Most of them are also small in size making them ideal for either gift wrapping or stocking stuffers.

Here are 8 great holiday gifting ideas all within the Skope Industries umbrella.

Custom Digiscoping Kit

Digiscoping is a great tool for hunting, scouting, bird-watching, or even star gazing.

The Phone Skope Adapter Kit is comprised of 3 pieces that connect your optics to your smartphone.

In simple terms, digiscoping allows you to magnify and capture images and video. There is no better way to do it than pairing your smartphone with the optics of your choice.

Phone Skope’s seamless Phone Skope builder page makes it easy to assemble and order an adapter kit that fits the lucky recipient’s smartphone and optic of choice. It’s a true gateway to virtually anyone’s outdoor pursuits. By the way, a Phone Skope digiscoping adapter kit is a great gift for photographers too.

Full Kit Price: $80-$100

Universal Adapter

The Phone Skope Universal adapter is a great idea for those wanting to use a variety of optics with their kit.U1 Universal Digiscope Adapter It’s either a good alternative or an addition to any custom adapter kit. Put differently, it supercharges your digiscoping game by working with any binoculars, monocular, or spotting scope, regardless of brand and model.

Price: $38.99

The Gift of Heat and Flame

Pyro Putty comes in a variety of blends and you can get approx. 20 fires from one ca.

There is nothing quite like Skoped Industries Pyro Putty fire starter. Offered in tins about the size of a hockey puck, the putty represents a fast and easy fire-starting solution for a wide audience. Whether for the backcountry hunter, camper, outdoor cook, or survivalist, this is an effective product for about anyone.

It also comes in custom varieties for temperature and cooking. My favorite is the Summer Blend. Who doesn’t like staring into flickering flames or cooking over hot coals in the outdoors?

Fire in a can – this one is a no-brainer.

Price for a Round Tin: $12.99

Price for Foil Tin: $5.99

The Gift of Ignition

The Elite Rechargeable Dual Arc Lighter will produce approx. 300 lights on a single charge.

You can’t establish a fire without an ignition source – and Pyro Putty offers a couple of great alternatives.

For one, there’s the Inferno Ferro Rod (2 sizes) perfect for the traditionalist. Simply strike the rod against the striker and you’re in business. It also sports a handle that stores your Pyro Putty.

My favorite of the two options is the Rechargeable Dual Arc Lighter that likewise provides a dependable spark for lighting a small pinch of Pyro Putty. Like Pyro Putty itself, both ignition sources are lightweight and small and size – perfect for the ounce counter heading to the backcountry.

Price for Inferno Ferro Rods: $20-28

Price for Rechargeable Dual Arc Lighters: $21-30

The Gift of Power

The Phone Skope Solar Power Bank is waterproof and shockproof. It also includes an emergency LED flashlight.

As companions to their digiscoping gear, Phone Skope offers a couple of great alternatives for charging your smartphone and other electronic devices on the go.

They offer a 3-in-1 charging cable, as well as the 8000 mAH Solar Power Bank. These items work whether you are out digiscoping or just want to keep your phones, cameras, and GPS devices charged. The solar power bank is not only good for outdoor leisure and sports, but also for preparedness, and survival.

Price for 3-in-1 Charging Cable: $9.99

Price for Solar Power Bank: $39.99


For most outdoorsmen and women, quality eyewear is a priority.

Skoped Industries sunglasses come in a variety of styles and lens types.

Luckily, Skoped Industries offers a line of quality polarized sunglasses for different lighting scenarios. This means you can gift someone with a pair tailor-made for the shooting range, hunting blind, or the lake.

My favorite of their eyewear options is their 3-pack that includes all lens types. Here, attractive style meets value and sturdy design. My favorite of the styles is the amber-brown lenses, that are good for sunny days and even better for cloudier conditions.

Whatever style you choose, these offer exceptional optics for a fraction of the cost of many popular brands. 

Price for Single Pair: $29-39

Price for 3-Pack Combo: $89.99

The Cooler Tray

Phone skope cooler tray

The Cooler Tray will maximize your ice chest’s cooling duration and helps avoid food getting wet.

The Cooler Tray fits in the base of your cooler allowing melted ice to drain through it while keeping your food and condiments elevated and dry.

Extending the life of your ice up to 24 hours, this nifty accessory works well with many popular coolers and sizes from brands such as YETI, Igloo, and RTIC.

Price for The Cooler Tray: $24.99

Skoped Industries Gift Card

With so many options for useful gear, you can’t go wrong with a Skoped Industries gift card.

For one, both Pyro Putty and Phone Skope offer a variety of money-saving product bundles, making gift cards extra valuable.

What’s more, the Skoped Industries’ brands offer attractive and sporty apparel to choose from as well.

Offered both digitally and in hard card form, a Skoped Industries gift card will go a long way for anyone who calls the outdoors their happy place.

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