Note:  This Bald Eagle photo was taken with an iPhone 4s using a Phone Skope attached to a Swaro 20x60x80.

What a great group of people. I have been a birder my whole life. I began raising chickens as a young boy and quickly converted to game birds as a teenager. My bride and I shared the experience during the first five years of our marriage. Raising brood stock, hatching chicks, and delivering poults was a weekly routine. I remember the small keets as the most beautiful chick of all. Only to turn into an equally ugly adult. I raced pigeons for years and have the presence of Emu’s on my property still today. I recall the first Wood Duck that showed itself in our flyway. How about the Great Blue Herons that visit my backyard springs to grab the fry that are exposed in only inches of water. The Great Horned owls, or barn owls that fly over my house nightly. Birds are great, birds are beautiful, birds are unique.

The Phone Skope was created for the birder. We have designed the Phone Skope to fit the binocular with ease. While most of us have a set of cheaper binoculars under every seat or in the cupboard, I recently had the opportunity to make a Phone Skope prototype for the impressive KOWA High Lander. WOW!,what an experience.

Beauty, brilliance, and best of all capture. That right, using the Phone Skope, I can capture any or all views. The video is only limited by the camera app on my cellphone. Small in expensive binoculars to large name brands, I can attach any set to the Phone Skope.
Note:  This Pelican photo was taken with an iPhone4 using a Phone Skope attached to a Swaro 10×56 Bino.

Our goal for our bird watching friends is to produce an attachment so no matter what the brand or size of your binoculars, my son or I will personally make a custom lens adapter to fit your binoculars so everyone can utilize the PhoneSkope and their optics to capture a print of a lifetime.