Smartphone Digiscoping Workshop – August 4, 2021

Are you interested in digiscoping with your phone, but not sure where to start? Are you tired of holding your phone up to your spotting scope to take a picture or video? Are you struggling to take quality pictures and videos through your optics? Then, this is the workshop for you. Join Tim, Tanner, and Kiara as they walk through … Read More

5 Great Setups for Whitetail Digiscope Scouting

Digiscoping With Binoculars

I’ve often said that scouting is hunting – and it should be treated as such. The same goes for digiscoping. Whether bearing a weapon or not, it can go a long way toward locating a good buck and learning how he uses your hunting grounds.  Digiscoping is done outdoors, and for success, you have to physically navigate the landscape and … Read More

The Chair and the Pouch: A Simple Way to Digiscope Scout

Essential Digiscope Scout Gear

Day packs and field bags; As hunters, we all have one, if not both. Deer hunters typically carry one or the other to the blind or tree stand. Inside of them, you will find a plethora of items, including calls, knives, flashlights – and often an array of hunting gizmos we likely never pull out. Dedicated off-season scouting trips are … Read More

Phone Skope Field Trips: Late Summer Whitetail Scouting

Deer Through Phone Skope Spotting Scope

Like many hunters, I enjoy much more than harvesting animals. As trite as it’s sounds, I like viewing sunrises, sunsets, and everything in between. Especially wildlife. That means many hours without even pulling a trigger or releasing an arrow. While the whitetail offseason means an abrupt end to sitting in a blind or stand, I still find excuses to get … Read More

July Optics Package Giveaway

Throughout the month of July (2021), every person that places an order at will be entered to win a sweet package valued at $950. Here’s what’s up for grabs: Vortex Vulture HD 15×56 New Phone Skope Bino Chest Pack Phone Skope Kit & Accessories See complete Terms & Conditions here.

iPhone Astrophotography using the Phone Skope Digiscoping Adapter

Smartphone Astrophotography has come a long way since I first began doing it 2007 with my then just released Apple iPhone. Today’s smartphones have amazing cameras and camera apps can take incredible (for a smartphone) images in low light. The simplest way to take a photograph of the Moon or bright planets using a telescope is to focus the object … Read More

The How and Why to Use Native Ground Blinds for Digiscoping

Ever driven around a hunting property and taken note of dozens of spots primed for a hunting stand? If you’re a deer hunter, I bet you have. It’s somehow part of the DNA makeup for those that chase America’s most popular game animal. Low-limbed oak canopies, sweeping cedar limbs running horizontally near the ground, and stands of deadfall limbs. It’s … Read More

Digiscoping for the Hunting and Outdoor Creator

Social media has become home to hordes of hunters. A few minutes spent on Instagram, Facebook, YouTube, or Twitter will yield countless pictures and videos of wild landscapes, grip-and-grins, and other images depicting – and celebrating – the hunting and outdoor lifestyle. From the western backcountry to deer camps all over North America, the imagery jumps off the page – … Read More

Low Power in High Cover: Digiscoping Whitetails in Tighter Spaces

You see movement. You’re sure of it. Peering deep into the cover, you squint. Finally, you determine it’s merely a tiny offshoot of a branch moving in the breeze. It’s frustrating and often tiring and a common occurrence for whitetail bowhunters hunting in the tighter quarters of outdoor spaces. You continue to pay attention, as the next peculiar movement may … Read More

2021 Father’s Day Gift Ideas

Dad’s can be tough to buy for. I get it. But, there are always things Dads can use and that’s what this list is for. So, if you need a few Father’s Day gift ideas, these 9 items should help. Remember, every order throughout the month of June in 2021 will give you one entry to win a Custom Grizzly … Read More