The Discovery of Birding

It may sound contrived, but I can honestly say that my first view through a spotting scope absolutely changed my life (maybe even saved it) forever! Flashback to a simpler time before the internet, a time with no digital photography, image stabilization or auto-focus, and a time where every phone was connected to the wall by a chord! I was … Read More

Steady Now: Free-Hand Digiscope Scouting

Scouting and hunting whitetails and other big game have come a long way. Let’s face it, there are more gadgets that you can count these days – some of them essential and others, well… not so much. Optics have long since been considered part of the former group. Whether a solid rifle scope or handy spotting scope on the ground … Read More

Gear You Can Bank On: The Phone Skope Solar Power Bank

One commonality among outdoorsmen and women is that they love their gear. It’s undeniable. Hikers, campers, hunters, and climbers take their gear bags seriously. Often, the main goal is to be toting a ton of utility while maximizing space and weight. It’s a real balancing act. The same goes for the preparedness-minded. Indeed, serious adventure-seekers and survivalists alike are always … Read More

Don’t Fence Me In: Digiscoping Fence Lines for Whitetail Success

I sat down, flipped open my laptop, and let out a huge sigh. It was time to take a closer look at my current hunting property. With a handful of mature bucks already caught on camera, I had yet to connect on one.  Among other things, I had no real idea what direction they came from.  These bucks had largely … Read More

More than an Accessory: The Phone Skope Wireless Shutter Remote

Ask about any photographer and they’ll tell you that remote releases represent must-have equipment, not merely nifty accessories. For success, remote releases are considered required gear. They can enhance photos and video so much, that they’re a veritable no-brainer. I’ve heard it from novices and professionals alike. After all, they eliminate vibration borne of clumsy fingers and well, too much coffee. … Read More

5 Great Outdoor Locations for Digiscoping

Do you like outdoor landscapes? Do you take it a step further, surveying them with spotting scopes and binoculars? If your answer is no to the latter, you’re missing out. Landscape photography is one-stop-shopping for anyone that enjoys nature. From hunters to hikers; vacationers to naturalists – you don’t have to be a professional photographer to successfully capture nature in … Read More

Do You Really Summer Scout? Force Your Hand Through Digiscoping

According to social media and the all-knowing internet, ultra-serious deer hunters are seemingly everywhere. You know the ones. They talk about chasing these wily creatures all the time, regardless of the season. During the fall, if they’re not hunting, they’re plotting their next trip. During the offseason months, thoughts continue to be filled with tall antlers, new stand locations, and … Read More

From Paper Weight to Camera: Using the Old Smartphone for Digiscoping

Phone Skope adapter hanging around a persons neck with lanyard. The title of the article is imposed over the image

Pocket change, receipts, and ballpoint pens; these items only scratch the surface of the littered mess inside my nightstand drawers and closet shelves. For me, the catch-all drawer next to my bed also includes pocket knives, screws, and trail camera cards. However, if you look a little closer, the elephant in the drawer is my old iPhone 7-plus, and, for … Read More

Why Digiscoping is for the Birds

I used to think that birdwatching was reserved for elderly couples. To be completely honest, the vision of Thurston and Lovey Howell sitting in the shade on Gilligan’s Island with binoculars in hand usually came to mind. It turns out, it’s quite a popular hobby for people of all ages from all over the world. It should come as no … Read More