Catch And Release Hunting

I remember it like it was yesterday. We had gone to this spot for years to watch the bulls gather their cows and listen to them bugle. We drove to the edge of the trees, just outside the recede. There was this little group of trees that sat in the middle of the recede. That was the best seat for the show. We slowly made our way across the open field and sat down in the middle of the trees just as the sun started its descent behind the mountains. I set up the tripod with my spotting scope and got my Phone Skope, ready to go. Now all we had to do was sit back and wait for the elk to come in. I had never had the opportunity to film this and was so excited to capture it. 

It was just a few minutes, and we could see movement from the trees just to the north of us. Pretty soon, we could see the herd walking toward us. My dad bugled. The herd bull bugled back. He was bigger than last year. An absolute monster. Easily getting close to 400” with a 6×7 frame. He was about 100 yards away. The volume of his bugle shocked me. I had forgotten what these animals were capable of. It sent chills down my spine, both from nerves and excitement. 

Then just to the right of us, closer than the big guy in front of us, there was another bugle. A competitor had entered the ring. He was about 50 yards away. He bugled and grunted again. The show had started. 

Then, about 200 yards away, coming at us from the southwest was a third bull. He was smaller than the other bulls but wanted to get some cows for himself. We listened to these bulls communicate back and forth for about 20 minutes. It was exhilarating. And I caught every bit of it on video. 

I most likely will never get the chance in my lifetime to hunt a 400+ bull like that. But that night, I have that captured forever. 

For years, Anglers have used the method of catch-and-release fishing to ensure the survival and growth of fish in their natural habitats. Now outdoorsmen and women can do the same thing. Let us introduce “Catch and Release Hunting ” brought to you by Phone Skope. You take your smartphone and your optic and put them together with the Phone Skope kit, and you can get the best shots possible. All the while getting once-in-a-lifetime chances to go after amazing animals and leave them in the wild to continue to grow and build up herds. Plus, the added benefits of being out in nature and enjoying time away from the rest of the world. 

According to the National Parks Service, “catch and release fishing improves native fish populations by allowing more fish to remain and reproduce in ecosystems. This practice provides an opportunity for increasing numbers of anglers to enjoy fishing and to catch fish successfully. Releasing native fish caught while in a national park will help to ensure that enjoyment of this recreational opportunity will last for generations to come.” 

This is one of the biggest benefits of “Catch and Release” hunting with a PhoneSkope setup. You leave the animal in the wild, even after getting an amazing shot. Now that animal has the chance to pass on its genes. How cool is it, thinking that you can bring your kids out to see animals you have followed for generations? 

Year after year, putting in for hunts and bonus points and just hoping that someday you’ll draw and be able to hunt can be exhausting and get you down if you’re never drawing out. Now, you can “hunt” any animal, in any season, without a tag! No more waiting, no more crossing your fingers. You can “catch” photos of that monster mule deer in all seasons of his progression. And then you have those photos and videos that you can share or keep just for yourself and your family. 

Catch and Release Hunting” is a special way to spend your time in nature. Like we said above, most people never have and may never draw once-in-a-lifetime tags to harvest an amazing beast in areas worldwide. But that shouldn’t stop you from searching them out and “catching (with photo and video) and releasing them!”

Who doesn’t love a reason to get out and take advantage of nature and the beauty around us. Not only do we give you the opportunity to get great shots of beautiful animals, but it’s a great excuse to get out and enjoy the mountains, hills, deserts; all of the beautiful landscapes created for us. Statistics show that people who engage more with nature and spend time outdoors are overall happier and have more well balanced and satisfying lives. Not that you need an excuse to get out, but if you do, now you have one! 

At Phone Skope, we believe everyone should have the opportunity to travel to lands far and wide (and close) and take advantage of nature and wildlife viewing at its fullest. With our custom or universal kits, your phone, and your favorite optic, you’re set to go out on any “catch and release hunting” adventure. It’s built to be quick and easy to use, lightweight for convenient travel and packing, and honestly, the camera in your back pocket is probably better than a fancy expensive camera you would spend a ton of money on and have to lug around along with all your other gear. 

We realize it’s not quite the same as going out and actually hunting these beautiful animals, but as an alternative, we think it’s pretty great. You get to scout and watch and record these memories forever. And you get to share them with family and friends in a way that wasn’t possible before. We have the technology to help those who thought their hunting days were over, get back into nature and back to the game. Or to get young people started. 

We live in a great time with great opportunities as hunters and outdoors enthusiasts. Let’s take advantage of everything we can to help build and maintain our lifestyles for those who are coming after us. “Catch and Release” hunting is one of those tools. With the Phone Skope kit, and your phone and optic, you are unstoppable when it comes to getting the greatest shots of the greatest animals. The only thing holding you back now is you! 


Get out there, capture and release these animals and scenery and enjoy nature! There’s never a better time to start!

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