Digiscoping as a Hobby

There are many activities outdoorsmen and women partake in to enjoy their time in outdoor spaces. It’s somewhat endless really. Hunting, fishing, hiking, climbing, and camping come are just a few that come to mind. There are also outdoor photographers of all skill levels capturing stunning landscapes and wild animals every day. Indeed, photography is an outdoor activity too, albeit … Read More

Phone…scoping? What is it?

Calling all wildlife and nature lovers! Have you ever been watching a Great Blue Heron swallowing a whole fish, or a momma deer with its fawn in the distance, or maybe that full moon is captivating, and you wished there was a way to capture the moment quick and easy. Now there is and it is easier than ever! Digiscoping.  … Read More

Utilizing the Golden Hour for Digiscoping

Antlers. Silhouettes. Golden horizons. The first bird chirp in the semi-darkness. Ask any hunter and they’ll agree that such sights and sounds are as treasured as cool fronts and leaf changes. Here is a scenario.  Looking up the gradual ridge 200-yards out, you see early-afternoon movement, You see a slight glimmer of light. As your binoculars focus, you notice a … Read More

Don’t Fence Me In: Digiscoping Fence Lines for Whitetail Success

I sat down, flipped open my laptop, and let out a huge sigh. It was time to take a closer look at my current hunting property. With a handful of mature bucks already caught on camera, I had yet to connect on one.  Among other things, I had no real idea what direction they came from.  These bucks had largely … Read More

Why Digiscoping is for the Birds

I used to think that birdwatching was reserved for elderly couples. To be completely honest, the vision of Thurston and Lovey Howell sitting in the shade on Gilligan’s Island with binoculars in hand usually came to mind. It turns out, it’s quite a popular hobby for people of all ages from all over the world. It should come as no … Read More

6 Easy Smartphone Hacks for Capturing, Recording, and Sharing Images

You know those times when you’re gawking out the window and find yourself focused on an interesting bird, squirrel, or another critter? These moments can be interesting, thought-provoking, and even humorous. You snap back into consciousness, realizing that you’ve been captivated for minutes. As a sportsman, this occurs for me frequently – not just from the house, but the blind, … Read More

How to Fully Utilize Turkey Hunting and Digiscoping for Present and Future Success

I’ve often said that scouting is hunting – and digiscoping is scouting. Are you following? Scouting year-round is an integral part of future success. If you’re not using digiscoping toward this end, you’re robbing yourself of a great opportunity. Attaining images and video of distant game animals, travel patterns, and land features is a chance to do real planning for … Read More

Leveraging Photo-Enhancing Apps for Digiscoping Success

I started my digiscoping journey capturing whitetails from hunting blinds and tree stands. While hunting continues to be my main reason for digiscoping, I’ve learned to utilize it in other outdoor endeavors as well. From birdwatching to vacation photo tours, this simple and affordable photography method has been a real game-changer. One of my favorite digiscoping activities is enlarging and … Read More

What is Digiscoping Anyway? Understanding the Basics

Ever since the advent of cameras, capturing imagery has been an activity treasured by many. However, the interest in photography has increased exponentially since the days when photos were accompanied by a pop of sound and a flash of smoke.  Photography, in general, entails a lot of concepts, terms, and equipment that’s lost on the average Joe wanting to click … Read More

Valuable Digiscoping Opportunities

Leisure Time and Summer Vacation Means Valuable Digiscoping Opportunities Anything worthwhile takes time and work. In my experience, this axiom usually holds up.  Fine-tuning your digiscoping game is no different.  While starting your digiscoping journey is easy, reaping the benefits it adds to your hunting pursuits is cumulative. It only improves by applying it; practicing it.  As hunters, we cherish … Read More