Digiscoping as a Hobby

There are many activities outdoorsmen and women partake in to enjoy their time in outdoor spaces. It’s somewhat endless really. Hunting, fishing, hiking, climbing, and camping come are just a few that come to mind. There are also outdoor photographers of all skill levels capturing stunning landscapes and wild animals every day.

Indeed, photography is an outdoor activity too, albeit often to capture the sights experienced in other outdoor endeavors. Whether you’re truly a photographer or just like to capture the things you encounter, the capturing part is a hobby in and of itself. Or at least it can be.

For example, I’m an avid hunter, but photography represents a big part of the process; and I enjoy it. Digiscoping is an effective way to scout for various parts of the year.

What is Digiscoping?

So, what about digiscoping? As a form of photography, this act of image magnification achieved by connecting a smartphone to optics is often secondary. It supports other outdoor hobbies, such as hunting, birding, and vacation touring.

The fact is, digiscoping is a great outdoor activity all on its own. I strive to improve the quality of the images I capture. I’ve long since decided that digiscoping is a stand-alone hobby I enjoy while roaming the fields and woods of Texas, and beyond.

While it’s easy, repetition can lead to increasingly cool images and videos. Phone Skope is the pioneer in digiscoping technology and a custom kit actually makes this endeavor easy. Here, tight, custom-fit optics and smartphone connections make for steady digiscoping.

So, what makes digiscoping a good prospective hobby?

Digiscoping Benefits

The act of digiscoping has many advantages. Let’s review a few of them.


You’ll be hard-pressed to find a more manageable and portable photography setup than a digiscoping kit.

For about $80, you can get a Phone Skope adapter kit offering a tight and custom fit to your smartphone and optics of choice. Compare that to the price of a mid-range or professional-level camera and zoom setup.


Phone Skope digiscoping kits are lightweight and small. For reference, the biggest component is the phone case, and it fits in the palm of your hand. This bodes well for capturing outdoor adventures and sights. It fits nicely in binocular chest packs, backpacks, and even pants or shorts pockets.


Custom Phone Skope kits are made from tough ABS plastic that can take a pounding. You simply can’t say the thing about a quality camera.


As a stand-alone hobby, digiscoping is often overlooked. Here are a couple of reasons to treat it as an outdoor activity that doesn’t have to merely support another outdoor hobby.

A Challenge

All hobbies are good in their own right. Nonetheless, any activity that you can intermittently learn and improve on is particularly righteous. Digiscoping as a hobby can be relaxing, fulfilling, and even inspiring. However, if you throw challenge into the mix, this unique hobby receives a boost.

Treating digiscoping as a hobby means you have opportunities to improve your craft and capture unique outdoor features.

Linking to a New World

Digiscoping and photography help to capture memories. We know this. However, when you treat it as an activity you can improve on, this pays dividends from the backyard to outdoor spaces around the globe.

Outdoors and the Gift that Keeps Giving

Any activity done out-of-doors is a special opportunity. The benefits of fresh air, sunshine, and breezes are undeniable – both from a health and enjoyment perspective. Further, like many hobbies, the challenge and enjoyment lead to more return trips outside. It’s a gift.


To repeat, digiscoping is a special type of photography – and can be a great hobby if you let it be. If you want to achieve more than counting antler points or deer travel patterns, challenge yourself to improve your digiscoping game. Aim for more image clarity, quality, and uniqueness. For example, stack the odds in your favor by choosing days and times with favorable conditions, such as the golden hour or during slightly cloudy periods.


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