Digiscoping: The Seamless Way to Share the Hunt

“I swear that buck was 20-inches wide if he was an inch”. We’ve all heard it. Heck, most of us have probably retorted this and similar statements ourselves. Such “field reports” are one of the things that make fireside chats and internet hunting threads great. From the days of bright flannel hunting shirts to today’s gadget-heavy field exploits, sharing the hunt is a huge part of the overall outdoor tradition.

For sportsmen, the visual component of the hunt is undeniably paramount to success. That’s one reason why dependable optics are so important from the brush, hunting blind, and truck window sill. Outdoor storytelling can’t exist without painting the picture – and optics themselves don’t tell the story, at least not to others.


Capturing faraway animals and visually bringing them in close is enhanced when the resulting images can be shared. More and more, the common smartphone is arguably one of the most important tools at the hunter’s disposal.


Because saved images can be used for scouting documentation and, even more, shared with friends, family, and fellow hunters.

In simple terms, digiscoping is the process of joining optics and smartphone cameras to magnify images. As such, it’s a perfect solution for hunters and other outdoorsmen. The resulting images are both captivating and useful for men and women who traverse the outdoors in search of adventure and recreation.

The third component of Phone Skope’s tagline, Capture-Record-Share is perhaps the best part of the process. For countless years, sharing field experiences has been a huge part of the hunting and outdoor experience. There are a few ways and reasons to leverage digiscoping for sharing outdoor moments.

Memories in the Palm of Your Hand

In addition to featuring cameras well into the double-digit megapixel mark, today’s smartphones are teeming with functionality. The list of uses is long, including social media, mapping, and music. However, they also are home to image and video production and hosting.

Today’s smart phones are teeming with great cameras, as well as great image and video editing apps.

This is great for documenting any outdoor excursion. Every time you capture a first deer harvest, target animal, or remarkable sunset, it’s stored in the palm of your hand. Magnifying the subject or event through digiscoping supercharges the moment.

How many times have you used your smartphone to take a photo of an animal 50-yards out, only to discover the subject of the image is a mere dot on the landscape?

Through today’s smartphone functionality, you can not only capture digital images and video, you can create enhanced video reels, document them with text and music, and send them to friends, family, and social media platforms. It’s all stored on that little device we’re already tethered to, the iPhone, Android, or Google smartphone.

The Power of Video 

Capturing moving footage of a deer’s movement toward a food source, bedding area, or scrape results in righteous footage. Not only does it give your valuable scouting intel, it can help tell a story. Whether you’re a hobbyist or accomplished videographer, the camera capabilities of today’s mobile phones are remarkable. With smartphone megapixels now in the double-digits, quality images are possible. You have to look no further than hunting-related social media sites and YouTube to view quality and entertaining hunting footage.

While today’s action cameras and mini-HD video recorders take quality video, they cannot achieve the reach that digiscoping provides.

For $80 to $100, you can securely connect your optics and smartphone to close the distance with a Phone Skope digiscoping adaptor kit.

What’s more, many phones provide features such as slow-motion recording. Teamed with the myriad video editing apps available today, your mobile device has remarkable video capabilities.

The bottom line? Magnified moving pictures can be taken and stored on the very device used for texting grocery lists, returning emails, and purchasing a cup of coffee.  

Shed the Additional Weight and Expense

A Phone Skope kit is big on utility, yet small and lightweight.

Joining the lens on your binoculars or spotting scope with the smartphone camera in your pocket is not only effective, it is unassuming and inexpensive.

For under $100, a Phone Skope adapter kit weighs ounces rather than pounds. By utilizing the simple Phone Skope Builder page, you can simply choose your smartphone and optics model and have a custom kit ripe for your next trip to the hunting camp, back forty, or backcountry – and it all easily fits in your backpack, if not your pockets.

Start Sharing

Whether you are a hunter, or just love the outdoors, it’s time to try digiscoping this season or offseason.

Once you have your magnified outdoor images and video, you need only take advantage of today’s data sharing capabilities.

In an age of expanding WIFI and cellular networks, sportsmen and women are more connected than ever. It’s a great time to utilize digiscoping for hunting, scouting, or any other recreational trips to wild spaces. Don’t stop there though; Save and share your images and video from your mobile device with your family, hunting buddies, and favorite social media platforms.

After all, it’s all in the palm of your hand. Put differently, don’t forget to embrace the share part of Phone Skope’s “Capture-Record-Share” slogan.

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