Phone Skope’s brand new Samsung Galaxy S9 Digiscoping Adapter is now available. This case is dual purpose, serving as a digiscoping adapter and every day phone case at the same time. The Samsung Galaxy S9 Phone Case is designed and manufactured in the USA and works with all existing Phone Skope Optic Adapters. Here’s how the case works.


  1. Put your Samsung Galaxy S9 in the Phone Skope Phone Case. If the bottom keeps popping up, wet the rubber tabs at the bottom of the phone case and the phone will go right in.
  2. Take the flat disc and slide it into the two grooves.
  3. Slide the disc in until it locks into place.
  4. You can remove the disc by pulling up on the tab (pictured below) and sliding upward.
  5. Attach the optic adapter to the phone case by aligning the bayonet tabs.
  6. Slide the kit over the eyecup on the eyepiece. Adjust the eyecup for optimal eye relief and use a combination of optical zoom (on spotting scopes) and digital zoom on the phone to remove vignetting (black ring).
  7. Capture, record, and share everything you see through your optics with your phone. Want better images and videos? Try our Bluetooth Shutter Button to remove unnecessary vibrations, which results in higher quality media.

Phone Skope Galaxy S9 Digiscoping Phone Case with Removable Disc

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