Gear You Can Bank On: The Phone Skope Solar Power Bank

One commonality among outdoorsmen and women is that they love their gear. It’s undeniable. Hikers, campers, hunters, and climbers take their gear bags seriously. Often, the main goal is to be toting a ton of utility while maximizing space and weight. It’s a real balancing act. The same goes for the preparedness-minded. Indeed, serious adventure-seekers and survivalists alike are always looking for that balance.

Whether in cell range or not, smartphones and tablets are important for everyone. For this demographic, they not only power an array of devices but can be the difference between life and death. 

For digiscoping, outdoor adventure, and preparedness, it was only logical that Phone Skope offers a quality solar charging bank. I’ve yet to see a remote and primitive outdoor setting that features electrical outlets. However, the need to charge smartphones and other electronics is necessary nonetheless. For peace of mind, I always keep my charger charged at home but when I leave the pavement, I want to know that the charging continues.

Enter Phone Skope’s 3-in-1 Solar Charging Bank. 

Sustainable Peace of Mind

Whether you’re a fan of solar power or not, it’s hard to argue with a device that keeps phone and tablet functionality going. For those that thrive in outdoor spaces, the benefits of a solar-powered solution are academic. From mountain climbers to backcountry hunters, the security is priceless; and it’s only natural.

Benefits for the Rambler

I’ve already mentioned several outdoor endeavors that scream for a charging solution. Compact and lightweight, it’s a logical item for any gear bag. It’s power that well, provides the gift of power. Chargeability without electricity also looms large when treacherous weather or injury rears its head. This means you have a piece of gear that will power your road trips, outdoor work sessions, and even sporting events.

Photography and Digiscoping

For adventure-seekers, many photographers, and videographers, the ability to charge cameras and other electronics are essential. With two charging ports, this broad group can keep a variety of gear charged for capturing sights inherent in their treks. Of course, Phone Skope’s solar charging bank is a great companion for your digiscoping pursuits.  

Go Bag Greatness

I love the security my go bag offers me and my family. Along with my stash of bandages, medicine, Pyro Putty fire starter, and batteries sits my Phone Skope Solar Bank. During emergencies, there will always be the need for communication. This item maintains my ability to reach out to friends, family, and emergency personnel when things turn ugly. 

The Phone Skope Solar Charging Bank, works with sunlight to power both your adventures and preparedness efforts.

For the Not So Crucial

While I enjoy outdoor adventure, I also use my smartphone, tablet, and laptop for both work and fun. Admittedly, my ability to use my devices for reading, video-watching, and social media is important to me. This solar-driven utility-packed item keeps me surfing and communicating in the hotel, car, airplane, or coffee shop. By intermittently placing the charger in the sun, it’s always ready to go.

Features and Specs:

  • Suitable for charging iPhones, iPads, Android Phones, GPS Devices, Cameras, etc.
  • Waterproof and dustproof
  • Lightweight and compact
  • 2 USB Charging Ports
  • Made with strong ABS plastic – holds up to drops
  • Emergency LED flashlight.
  • 8000Mah solar battery capacity
  • Micro USB Cable for charging
  • Clips onto backpack
  • Dual USB solar charger 8000Mah power bank quantity
  • Only $39.99

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