Get Relief in the Field with Phone Skope’s Bino Bandit

One thing I’ve learned over the years is that scouting and hunting are hard work. Yeah, while my wife may roll her eyes at the notion, it’s true. Indeed, spending hours in the fields, woodlots, and mountain ranges around the world can be a grind. They often involve a lot of walking, sweating, and patience, all to find game animals to pursue with my bow and rifle. I’m not talking about taking a side-by-side up to a hunting blind to view game animals either (though hours of this can also cause fatigue). Serious hunters inherently spend many hours utilizing the visual pursuits, whether with binoculars or spotting scopes. 

It can be hard on the muscles, joints, and yes, the eyes. Ask any serious bird watcher or landscape photographer and you’ll get the same response. While it’s the labor of love, it can be tiring, even grueling. For those that digiscope, eye relief is paramount to enjoyment and success. Outdoorsmen rely on comfortable footwear to enhance their pursuits. I know I do. But, what about the eyes? Dedicated viewing sessions are rough on those precious peepers. Like comfortable boots and shoes, it makes a lot of sense to stack the odds in your favor through eye relief. 

The Phone Skope Bino Bandit alleviates eye stress, increasing your time in outdoor spaces. This simple accessory allows for extended viewing, enhancing chances of capturing distant wildlife and landscape features. The same can be said for anyone seeking to capture a rare bird only yards away.

Made from neoprene, Phone Skope’s Bino Bandit is both lightweight and comfortable, extending your time in the field.

In addition to the Bino Bandit, Phone Skope offers the Alpine Spot Bandit for use with spotting scopes. Both models offer a comfortable and flexible fit that combats two common visual adversaries; sun glare and wind. 

Both Bandit offerings represent a great way to customize your binocular and spotting scope game. It’s true. On top of it all, they’re both a simple and inexpensive accessory that yields real results. 

The Bandit bundle offers eye relief for both binoculars and spotting scopes.


  1. Loosen eyecups
  2. Stretch around eyecups
  3. Tighten eyecups

Features and Specs

Blocking ambient light, wind, and glare, both products are constructed with flexible 2MM. This means they’re lightweight. Additionally, they come with a retainer loop that keeps it in place and allows you to attach it swiftly. They also fit almost any set of binos or spotting scopes. For good measure, these patent-pending accessories are proudly made in the USA

Nobody likes the thought of missing that great shot of a majestic buck or sunset due to eye fatigue. If you take capturing your outdoor exploits seriously, you’ll want to add one or both of these jewels to your adventure toolkit. Hint; the Bandit Bundle includes both and costs only $28.99, making them great gifts too!

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