Handicapped Access

I have always had bad eyesight and as a result, have been somewhat handicapped at work and unfortunately at play also. As we began our initial research and began to actually utilize the Phone Skope with optics, it was immediately made know to me that I was looking at things I had previously not seen to the degree that I was looking at today. I mean that by utilizing the Phone Skope device, I could see more, better quality, things than previously using just my optics or my eye sight.

As we worked to make the application apply to uses, I was thrilled with the success I received when I hooked the Phone Skope up to the microscope. In the past, as I tried to view through binoculars, spotting scopes, microscopes and the like, I was always hampered by having to wear glasses or not being able to see if I took the glasses off. Viewing through the cell phone, I immediately went from the small blurry view to the view the complete size of the screen. I recall when my boss and I went to the cell phone dealer and when asked what I wanted, I said the biggest screen the make. Then after buying the “biggest” they had, I would be teased as other seen it.

What a great feeling to see what I had previously squinted and concentrated to see through that small lens to the massive view I was receiving through my smartphone screen. I was also able to take a photo by merely pressing the button all the while zooming in and out at random.

I have since toyed with several items that specifically use the Phone Skope, your smartphone and your favorite optics to provide enhanced services to people such as I that cannot see adequately or have other physical handicaps.

In all the utilizations we have come up with for the Phone Skope, the contribution it can offer visually impaired individuals is no less than remarkable. For those of you who struggle to see efficiently, please try this unique and simple device, it will open a new world for you when hunting, birding, taking photographs or just enjoying nature.


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