Helping New & Young Marksman

teaching young marksmanship

A little left… Now up… Perfect, now squeeze the trigger. BANG!

Learning to shoot a rifle can be an intimidating task to most folks and especially younger kids looking to get into the sport. It can also be tedious trying to teach a new shooter how to hold the rifle, to breath, proper trigger pull, and above all that, hit their mark.

At Phone Skope we have developed a system that mounts to the rifle scope allowing you to capture memories that will last a life time. The smartphone is mounted on the side of the scope allowing a teacher or supervisor to monitor the shooters target acquisition and trigger control. With the help of the Phone Skope Camera app, you can rotate the image and change the exposure to capture and record everything the shooter is seeing through the rifle scope.

skoped vision verticalThe Skoped Vision mirror system allows the shooter to comfortably shoulder the rifle while the mount is attached to the back of the scope. It is only an inch and a half long, which will not interfere with your eye relief. The system securely mounts to the back of the scope using a sturdy ratcheting system. Making it easy to attach and remove in a matter of seconds. An optional eye baffle allows the shooter to block out ambient light. The Skoped Vision Gen 2 (Pictured Here) will mount to most riflescopes on the market.

Allowing you to record what the shooter is seeing through the scope using the Phone Skope case and Skoped Vision has revolutionized training and teaching new shooters where to hold and monitor safety in the field. We believe Skoped Vision brings a fun new perspective to shooting. It might be something that encourages your new marksman to want to go shooting and create a bonding experience.

Kynlee is a young aspiring hunter that has been shooting for a short time. The Skoped Vision allows her Dad, Travis, to see where she is holding on the target and how the gun is reacting when she pulls the trigger. If Travis wants to watch something else, for example, if she is flinching or pulling the trigger too hard. He can record her shot using the Skoped Vision while he is watching her hand or cheek placement on the rifle stock. After the shot, Travis and Kynlee can play the shot back on their smartphone in 4K. Skoped Vision and Phone Skope will quickly be a valuable tool that you will not head into the field or range without it.

The Skoped Vision system is recommended for calibers of rifles that are .223 equivalent or less. This is a standard guideline, but some larger calibers will work depending on the specifics of the rifle. Factors to consider that effect recoil are: weight of the rifle, muzzle brake or suppressor, weighted bags or a bench and shooter technique. We have customers that are using a 6.5 Creedmoor with great success and producing great footage. If you have questions about your specific rifle, please see below for contact information.

You can find the Skoped Vision pictured HERE Skoped Vision
If you are not a current Phone Skope user, you will need to purchase a Phone Skope case for your iPhone, Samsung or Google phone. If you are an existing Phone Skope user, and are using a compatible phone, you will only need to purchase the Skoped Vision riflescope attachment. Please check compatibility with your phone and Skoped Vision mount. If you have questions, please contact us at: or 800 790 4480.

Imagine the possibilities in the field, capturing your child or grandchild’s first harvest. That will certainly be a memory to cherish and Skoped Vision ensures it will last a lifetime. Our mission at Phone Skope is to allow outdoorsmen and women the opportunity to capture, record and share all their memories. Passing them down from generation to generation. Stories that your Grandpa told and painted a mental picture of for you, will now be a reality for the next generation.

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