How to Conserve Your Phone Battery

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Phone batteries have come a long way in the last few years. It has become one of the top things to consider when looking at a new smartphone. It is also a highlighted selling point for phone manufacturers when they are introducing a new model of smartphone. In our experience Phone Skoping throughout the years, we have seen the batteries improve and handle the elements much better. I recall Phone Skopeing in February years ago and it was a few degrees above 0 degrees Fahrenheit. I pulled my iPhone 4 out of my pocket and placed it on the scope, within 30 seconds my phone went from full battery to dead. I put my phone back in my pocket, warmed it up again and it turned on. I realized the phone and batteries were not setup to handle these types of conditions. 

Years have past now and smartphones have larger batteries, they are more efficient and can handle the elements much better. This has made digiscoping with your smartphone much more enjoyable. Saving precious battery life is still a concern when you are out in the field but we have some tips to conserve battery and continue Phone Skoping throughout the day. 

Start with a fully charged phone

First and foremost, make sure before you head out into the field that your phone is fully charged. I realize this seems obvious but I still find myself on occasion not charging my phone before I head out. Charging the phone ensures you are using the full capacity of your battery and you’re getting a head start before you start draining it capturing memories.

Turn off Apps and Features that are not needed

To preserve your battery life, you will want to turn off apps and features on the phone that you will not absolutely need. For me, I turn off WiFi first and Bluetooth if I am not digiscoping with my Bluetooth Shutter Button at that time. When I do decide I need the Shutter Remote, I can turn the Bluetooth connection on quickly.  

You will also want to make sure that any apps you are not currently using are closed. Apps running in the background or trying to update, will drain your battery very quickly. 

Turn on Airplane Mode when cell service is not available

If you are in an area with little to no cell service, turn your phone’s cell connection off or switch your phone to Airplane mode. With no service your phone is constantly trying to gain service and this uses a lot of power, this can be one of the biggest battery killers. Some phones also have a “battery save mode”, give that a try to see how it affects battery life.  At night, I also like to turn my phone off or switch it to airplane mode. In the event, I am not able to charge my phone, this will save precious battery. 

Adjust your Brightness Levels to fit your conditions

A big battery killer is having the display on and at maximum brightness. We know that in really sunny conditions, the screen can be hard to see but try shading the screen to get the most out of the battery. We like to keep the phone screen as dim as possible to maximize the battery life for the day. 

Keep your phone protected from the elements

If you are in the field and the weather gets to be extreme, either on the hot or cold side of things, try to keep your phone protected. 

If it is blistering hot, try to insulate the phone and keep it out of direct sunlight, overheating the phone could cause unnecessary draining of the battery or turn the phone off completely. I would also encourage doing this when the phone is mounted

When the temperatures start to drop, I would suggest keeping the phone insulated in an inner pocket as much as possible. Your natural body heat will help to keep the phone temperature regulated and save your battery from unnecessary draining. 

Carry a Portable Power Source to keep your device charged

We also suggest carrying portable power sources and different means of charging your devices. A spare charging cable, auxiliary USB plug charges, solar panel or portable powerbank to keep devices juiced up. At Phone Skope we sell accessories that will help when your battery is less than 100%. We have multiple power banks that range in size and capactiy. our most popular is our Phone Skope Powerbank, it is a 5000 Mah charger that will allow you to charge your phone one to one & half times, with some phones that have smaller batteries, it can charge more than twice. It is slim, lightweight and has two ports to charge from, a 1 amp and 2.1 amp. 

Recently introduced is our Phone Skope Accessory Gift pack, it includes 2 different sized power banks, 3 in 1 braided charging cable that supports Lightning, Micro USB and USB C, and also a Bluetooth Portable Speaker. The smaller power bank is similar to our original power bank but features a durable aluminum housing and is 5000 Mah. The larger Power bank is 10,000 Mah and features 2 2.1 amp charging ports. The 3 in 1 braided cable is very tough and will charge most devices on the market today. 

Quick recap; Charge your phone, close the apps you are not using, use Battery Save modes, Airplane mode and turning off Bluetooth and Wifi, keep your screen brightness as low as possible and have a portable way to charge your phone. Keeping your phone battery juiced up ensures you can capture memories using your smartphone camera but can also keep you safe if you need to send out a text or phone call. Don’t leave it to chance, take the extra steps to ensure your phone is charged and ready to go to work.

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