How to Fully Utilize Turkey Hunting and Digiscoping for Present and Future Success

I’ve often said that scouting is hunting – and digiscoping is scouting. Are you following? Scouting year-round is an integral part of future success. If you’re not using digiscoping toward this end, you’re robbing yourself of a great opportunity. Attaining images and video of distant game animals, travel patterns, and land features is a chance to do real planning for deer and other big game seasons.

That’s why my Phone Skope adapter kit is a close second to my bow, rifle, or shotgun when it comes to hunting and scouting

Whether bearing a weapon or not, it can go a long way toward locating your spring quarry, as well as the deer and learning how they use your hunting grounds. 

Spring turkey hunting is an opportunity to scout for other game as well.

Springtime treks afield can go a long way toward fall success. It can be one-stop-shopping for the hunter, photographer, and yes, even the digiscoper. 

Digiscoping is done outdoors, and for success, you have to physically navigate the landscape and settle into favorable spots for viewing. Any time spent in wild spaces is a good way to put your hunting knowledge and skills to the test. 

If you’re not, you should be. 

The opportunity often doesn’t come cheap either. Amid chores at home, little league games, and work obligations, bolstering your hunting trips can be accomplished through digiscope scouting and even just capturing cool outdoor images of the creatures you hunt and landscapes you roam.

Spring turkey hunting is no different. Every spring, gobbler-seeking weekend warriors hit the woods with abandon. In my experience, most turkey hunters also chase deer and other critters in the fall and winter. With that, any turkey hunt is a great occasion to concurrently scout for big game quarries.

Basic Tips

Mobile spring turkey hunting means new vantage points and photo opportunities.

With any digiscoping efforts comes the need for optimal equipment and methods. Turkey hunting is a mobile endeavor. Traveling light is the ticket. In addition to your bow or shotgun, include a good backpack, lightweight chair, and optics to go with your digiscoping adapter kit.

Minimizing weight is key. 

Allow space for a phone charging source and, if you can swing it, a tripod. 

As with any hunting venture, concealment is key. Camo up and seek areas of heavy cover, such as tree motts and deadfall. Remember, if you’re resolute about putting good hunting practices to work, you can learn a lot about hunting opportunities that extend to the fall and winter.

Digiscoping Between Hunts

Spring turkey hunting is a great time to truly enjoy the landscapes you hunt. The mobile aspect of chasing long-beards means constantly relocating to reintroduce call sessions and set up shots. With that, comes new interesting vantage points and subjects to capture with your digiscoping gear. It’s the gift that keeps giving.

Digiscoping during a turkey hunt allows for interesting and varied vantage points for digiscoping

Digiscoping During the Hunt

Okay, this one is obvious. Magnifying and capturing images during the arduous wait for that magical moment is righteous. It keeps you alert and, if you are lucky, you might just be able to seize the moment when a strutting tom comes in for a target hen. What’s more, for the hardcore deer hunter, you may just capture deer patterns and other intel ripe for leveraging in the fall and winter months.

Capturing the Spring

Turkey hunting and other spring mini-journeys are indeed a chance to view wild spaces from a cool perspective. This is a special time outdoors. Vegetation is coming alive; trees are budding, wildflowers appear, and the hunting woods have a

Spring time means colorful vegetation and striking landscapes.

completely new feel. This is a rare time to capture wildlife and other outdoor subjects amid bluebird skies and, in many places, comfortable temperatures. On the heels of winter, you might just find a shed antler or two.

Spring Cleaning?

Spring cleaning usually brings to mind cleaning the garage or prepping your garden. However, with digiscoping, it means putting your skills to the test; keeping them fresh. Like anything else, your digiscoping game will thrive with practice and repetition

A Call to Action

Regardless of property size, utilizing sightlines of the expanses you hunt can lead to future hunting success. Whether wandering across the vast public backcountry or the private 50-acre parcel, interesting wildlife and valuable information await. There is no substitute for hitting the field in search of turkeys through favorable and varied vantage points. 

If you play your cards right, digiscoping won’t only help you capture wild turkeys in their native habitat, but other games for future endeavors. At a minimum, it affords you the chance to capture the beauty of spring. Put differently, it’s time to hit the turkey woods with your optics, smartphone, and digiscoping adapter kit. You will likely get more than you bargain for – in a good way.

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