Keep Your Adventure Close to the Vest with Phone Skope’s Binocular Chest Pack

I can vividly remember the days when, like clockwork, I would go through my “hunting bag” a few days before deer season opened. I’d dump it onto the den floor and start a sort of organizing session. Excited for that first morning in the field, I’d revel at the sight of my gear – some basic and some bordering on the ridiculous. Of course, there were staples like my flashlight and knife… but there were also items such as gimmicky game calls and deer scents. While the process was a rite of passage, it was a sort of organized confusion. 

The kicker was, when it was time to hit the hunting stand, I still often forgot an item from that necessity category. It was frustrating.

Today, I have several hunting bags and packs that, by the end of hunting season, have no rhyme or reason. Hunting items would migrate from bag to bag or even worse, get lost in jacket pockets. For that, I still have to organize my gear from time to time.

However, what truly saved my hide was the year I added Phone Skope’s Chest Pack into my repertoire. It was life-changing from a hunting and organizational standpoint. First off, I never hunt without some form of optics – usually binoculars. I found that the additional storage in a chest pack made a lot of sense for my binoculars, the most important piece of gear other than my weapon of choice. As an outdoorsman that likes journaling and recording, the pack is ideal for keeping my notepad dry and at the ready.

Indeed, this simple item was a problem-solver. Here are a few other reasons.

A Pain in the Neck? No More.

Without the use of a chest pack, I struggled with neck pain and discomfort for many years. In fact, it was so common that it was my “normal”. The first time I strapped on a chest pack and harness, I realized just how uncomfortable I had been. With my binos right at chest height, there was no more neck strain for this frequent hunter. It was a game-changer.

Lens Integrity

I can be pretty careless when I hunt. I sometimes lose gear and am generally very hard on it. If I’m not misplacing a skinning knife, I’m scratching my gun, bow, or optics – especially the lens. Using a simple binocular strap or harness alone doesn’t cut it when it comes to keeping lenses clean and dry. Protected within the handy pouch, you can eliminate damaged eyepieces. It also greatly minimizes foggy lenses that seem to rear their head at the worst times in the field. Finally, gone are the days that I have to keep up with lens caps (I’m known to lose those too). 

In addition to being a home for your binos, the chest pack offers side storage, as well as generous storage on the back side.

Easy Access

Increased access to vital gear is low-hanging fruit when it comes to quick and easy access during hunting and scouting sessions. There’s less digging around in pockets or backpacks; it’s all at chest level. To leverage this gift of access, you can thoughtfully pre-pack needed items before hitting the outdoor spaces you roam.

A Digiscoper’s Dream

Phone Skope’s Chest Pack is, of course, ideal for sportsmen and other outdoorsmen as it easily holds smartphones and digiscoping components with room to spare. Do you digiscope while hunting? If so, the pack is ideal for both rifle and bow hunters. Do you digiscope while on vacation? No worries, there’s room for items like keys and wallets.

Whether trekking alone or with a group, this Phone Skope offering affords you efficiencies afield that make good adventures great. Made in the USA, this system is comfortable and durable; so durable that it will resemble go-to gear for years to come. From photography items to hunting tags; drinks to snacks; you’ll want to put this little workhorse to work. This is a utility-packed item that enhances your ability to Capture, Record, and Share.

Phone Skope’s Chest Pack can be used with or without binoculars. Either way the storage capacity is substantial.


  • Phone Skope Chest Pack; $94.99
  • Backpack-friendly straps
  • Protects optics and lenses
  • Made in the USA
  • Lightweight yet durable
  • Fits most 10x and 12x binoculars
  • Ideal for hunting, scouting, backpacking, and vacationing

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