Birds require four main things to be attracted to your backyard which includes Food, Water, nesting sites and appropriate vegetation.  If you can provide all of these in your backyard, then you can get to see some rare and wonderful birds in your backyard. You can avoid going to bird sanctuaries and spending hours of time watching and studying different varieties of birds, now you can as well do the study sitting in your own backyard, and watching several species visiting your backyard. There are several advantages to having birds in your backyard that include reducing the pest and bug population by eating them as their food; and some birds are just spectacular to watch.

The Bird that Started It All


Food is the probably the easiest way to attract the birds. Placing birdfeeders in your backyards at different places can attract several birds.  Food is the possible way to bring back the species again and again to your backyard.  Though the size of the bird is small, they may require more food.  Below you can find some of the popular foods that birds get attracted to and visit often to your backyard.

  • Seeds
  • Fruits
  • Insects
  • Nuts
  • Scraps
  • Suet
  • Nuts

Different birds eat different kinds of food; therefore, learn more about the birds and their eating habits before inviting them into your backyard. Soon you will find your little visitors in your backyard.


Water is very import for birds, for that matter for any living being. Provide clean and fresh water for birds and clean the birdbath regularly.  Water is an essential factor since if the bird spots water in your backyard automatically it will visit your backyard regularly.  You can provide water facilities for birds through:

  • Bird Baths
  • Ponds
  • Streams
  • Misters
  • Waterfalls

Birds get attracted to flowing water as they can see clearly and also birds can hear the sound of the water fall from very great distance. Do not use any chemicals to purify water, it may harm the birds.


Bird Species do not stay at one place they tend to nest at different places, so there may be more chances to have a birds nesting in your backyard too. Bird shelters include

  • Trees
  • Scrub Brush Piles
  • Shrubs
  • Overgrown grassy areas

Make different levels of a nesting facility to the birds as each kind of bird species like to nest on different levels. The dense plant growth is popular among small and medium bird species and for large birds, they like to nest on tall and high trees.  Also, birds prefer to nest closer to feeders as they can come quickly to feed their little ones.


Add more plants to your backyard to attract wider variety of birds and provide natural food and fresh water for birds. Birds are attractive to few types of plants, most of these plants are actually messy so put them in a place where they don’t move much. For permanent visitors provide nesting sites in your backyard as they prefer to nest in natural locations. The nesting sites include

  • Tree and shrubs
  • Decorative or Functional bird houses
  • Simple  and nice nesting boxes
  • A pile of  ground nesters

Providing food, water, shelter for nesting and proper landscaping can help birds flock to your backyard and you can get an opportunity to watch the beautiful species closer. And also you will get satisfaction by providing these facilities to your favorite birds and as well you can pursue your passionate hobby.

Photo Credit: Don McCullough