Maven B.6 Binoculars

Maven B.6 Binoculars

Earlier this year, Maven released their 50mm B.6 Binoculars. It matches the build and quality of their other products but fills a void in their binocular lineup. The 50mm is a great compromise when weight and light gathering ability are your main concerns. Light enough to pack around in your bino hub and the larger objective gathering more light ensuring you get the most of your time in the field.

The Maven B.6 binoculars come in 10×50 & 12×50 options. Luckily for us and Phone Skope users, Maven borrowed the eyecup used was from the B.5 model. We recently had a chance to fit the B.6 binocular and we found that the C3-008-i is a perfect fit. This is the same optic adapter that fits the B.5 Maven Binocular.

Digiscoping with binoculars

We love digiscoping with binoculars especially when you’re on the move or wanting to go super lightweight with your digiscoping setup. A Phone Skope and Maven binocular are a match made in heaven. Slip the Phone Skope optic adapter over the binocular eyepiece and you are able to capture high-quality pictures and video. If you are hand-holding the binoculars and not happy with the results, we suggest stabilizing them leaning against a tree, monopod, or any other sturdy structure that doesn’t mind you propping yourself upon it. You can also shoot in Slo-Mo and playing it back slowed down really stabilizes the footage.

At Phone Skope we are always looking for new optics to measure, if we do not have an optic you are looking for please contact us with dimensions and we would be happy to see what we can do.

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