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Phone Skope Medical

In your pocket is one of the most powerful tools the medical field has seen in several decades, your phone. There is new functionality coming out for phones and medical use all the time. With these things in mind we present to you Phoneskope. Now you have the ability to use your phone to quickly and professionally take much needed photos using your optics of the procedures, and surgeries that you’re undergoing with your patients.

Phoneskope can make custom mounts that connect to nearly any optic that allows for your phone to take pictures, and videos of what you’re looking at when working on a patient. Then quickly and easily be able to share those files to whomever needs them. The ease and functionality of it cannot be overlooked, if you ever use a device to record a procedure, then this Phoneskope mount is for you.

Better documentation means better care, and it also means being able to document everything you did and why.

For Uses Such As


Optometrists use a device called a Keratometer, with this device specialists are able to measure the curvature of the anterior surface of a persons cornea. It is also commonly referred to as an ophthalmometer. Optometrists use this to diagnose astigmatisms, and to help them determine it’s severity as well as treatment for it. These devices are prime candidates for PhoneSkope. It would allow the specialist to take photos of what they’re seeing incredibly easily, allowing them to document what they’re seeing so as to better support their prognosis.


Gynecologists often use what is called a coloscope, which is a microscope that is fitted with a light, this optic allows the doctor to examine the uterine cervix, often times for early warning signs of cancer. With it they can see if there is abnormal tissue or blood vessels around the genitals, and then subsequently take a tissue sample to be used in a biopsy. Again having a way to quickly document what a gynecologist is seeing through their coloscope is critical. PhoneSkope allows gynecologists to quickly and easily take images of what they’re seeing. It is also very applicable to use our devices with any microscopes that you use, with our system we can create an iPhone mount for microscopes to nearly any device.


When performing ureteroscopy’s, urologists often turn to a ureteroscopey to help remove more difficult to get to kidney stones. These scopes allow urologists to remove small stones, as well as breaking up the larger stones so they can be removed as well. These machines allow the doctor to remove a stone that may be stuck in the ureter just after it leaves the kidney. As well as all of the microscopes that are used by urologists, all of these optics and equipment can be used with a PhoneSkope attachment.


Veterinarian’s use a handful of medical optics, but it is primarily microscopes are most viable, and useful for PhoneSkope’s capability. When an veterinarian is looking through his or her instruments and has the ability to quickly and easily take a picture of what they’re seeing, then their work benefits greatly from it. To easily document, and be able to examine later the pictures and the prognosis for an animal is profound.[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row][vc_row][vc_column width=”1/1″][dt_gap height=”20″][vc_separator][dt_gap height=”20″][/vc_column][/vc_row]