More than an Accessory: The Phone Skope Wireless Shutter Remote

Ask about any photographer and they’ll tell you that remote releases represent must-have equipment, not merely nifty accessories. For success, remote releases are considered required gear. They can enhance photos and video so much, that they’re a veritable no-brainer. I’ve heard it from novices and professionals alike. After all, they eliminate vibration borne of clumsy fingers and well, too much coffee. Seriously though, the results can be like night and day.

The same goes for digiscoping with your smartphone. Luckily, there are offerings such as Phone Skope’s Wireless Shutter Remote that can save you from yourself when capturing outdoor subjects, such as animals, landscape features, and even people.

There are a few reasons why any digiscoping enthusiast should add one to their arsenal. I’ll give you just a few obvious benefits of including this little item in your pack or pocket.

The elephant by the tripod is the shutter remote’s ability to reduce, if not completely remove picture-blurring vibration. Despite our best efforts, it’s bewildering how much vibration occurs when our finger meets a smartphone screen. Clicking off a photo without touching your digiscoping equipment is a good way to avoid self-sabotage.

A Phone Skope wireless remote button

The Phone Skope Wireless Shutter Button is lightweight, small, and rechargeable.

My favorite advantage of using a wireless shutter button when digiscoping is it allows me to step back and relax a little. I often digiscope while hunting and scouting. I’m also pretty mobile, moving around to new locations frequently. The wireless shutter button means I don’t have to be hunched over my tripod. Instead, I can sit back and calmly touch off the remote, letting my optics, smartphone, and Phone Skope adapter kit do their magic. 

Finally, the wireless shutter button is both unobtrusive and inexpensive – two of my favorite traits for any piece of outdoor gear. Do you have room for an additional few inches and ounces of gear that will enhance your visual end product? If so, consider filling it with this simple little gem that will steady your digiscoping game.  

If you’re ready to steady, Phone Skope’s Wireless Shutter Button is more than an accessory, it’s a bona fide piece of gear that will improve digiscoping success in the field!

Small, yet mighty, this inexpensive ($24.99) is a game-changer.

Phone Skope Wireless Shutter Button Features/Specs:

  • Eliminates blurry digiscoped photos
  • On/off switch
  • Fast charging (mini-USB cable included)
  • iOS and Android compatible
  • Weighs ounces and only about 3-inches in length
  • Only $24.99

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