Phone Skope Field Trips: Digiscoping is More Than Magnification

I can remember a few past hunts when I accidentally forgot my binoculars; a horrible feeling to say the least.  Whether on a spot-and-stalk, sitting in a tree stand or blind, or glassing from a truck, this is a helpless feeling for an outdoorsman. It’s easy to take optics for granted, yet it stings when you’re stuck without them. Many other adventurers feel the same way, including outdoor photographers and hikers.

For sportsmen, the next great sighting often occurs quickly and out of nowhere. Needless to say, the ability to quickly adjust visually is precious.

However, it’s not just about the ability to see that distant majestic deer, landscape feature, or horizon. It’s the capacity to take it a step further by capturing it in the moment – as well as utilizing the image – for future hunt strategies or simply sharing with friends. 

All hunters will attest that images and videos of far-away game animals are valuable, whether taken while scouting, hunting, or simply enjoying nature. What’s the best way to capitalize on these moments?

The simple answer is digiscoping

Indeed, this simple process of combining optics with a smartphone camera is powerful. For one, today’s smartphone cameras are more than formidable. They just need a little boost in terms of magnification. By visually “reaching out”, images are gathered, documented, and shared with others. Luckily, it’s easy and inexpensive to get a custom digiscoping kit with just a few clicks on Phone Skope’s builder page.

Recently, I went on a combination deer hunting and scouting mission and was able to capture a couple of whitetail bucks of interest, as well as some other cool imagery. Without my Phone Skope adapter kit, I would have missed out on some treasured, if not valuable sights.

At about 150-yards, this digiscoped image revealed a travel pattern for area deer.

During the late afternoon, I was able to witness some far away does passing through a small draw on the way to a grain field.

By digiscoping for several hours and in different locations, I was able to capture some valuable hunting intel for future use. I was also able to capture different lighting effects at various times of the day. Perhaps my best image came from the truck when I unexpectedly encountered a mature whitetail buck about 80-yards off a fence line. Digiscoping magnified the deer as well as allowed me to evaluate him for age. My smartphone alone would have yielded only a distant dot. Automatically stored in my iPhone’s photo app, I was able to obtain a more information-rich image. 

Remember, digiscoping is a great way to record field images for future hunting success, sharing, and trips down memory lane. You only need your optics of choice, smartphone, and Phone Skope adapter kit. Remember, it’s not only the magnification itself but rather the value of the imagery it yields. The next time you venture out into outdoor spaces, don’t miss out on this great opportunity.

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