Phone…scoping? What is it?

Calling all wildlife and nature lovers!

Have you ever been watching a Great Blue Heron swallowing a whole fish, or a momma deer with its fawn in the distance, or maybe that full moon is captivating, and you wished there was a way to capture the moment quick and easy. Now there is and it is easier than ever! Digiscoping. 

What exactly is digiscoping?

Simply put, it is the process of taking photos and videos through a spotting scope with a DSLR camera. Now why not take digiscoping to the next level with phonescoping! The world is ever-changing and cell phone cameras are getting better and better. 


Phonescoping attaches your phone directly to your spotting scope so you have the ability to capture memories easily with the push of a button. Your cell phone is with you more often than not. Why not use this tool you have in your pocket to make memories last a lifetime? Phone Skope helps you do this!

What is a Phone Skope?

Phone Skope: the custom-molded adapter that turns your existing phone into a creative powerhouse to fit a wide variety of optics. It is simple! All you have to do is build your kit by picking the phone you have.

Next pick your specific optic that you generally use (spotting scope / binoculars) and viola! You are on the way to becoming a phonescoping expert. 

Key Accessories to enhance your Digiscoping

Every expert needs some key accessories, though.

Sometimes you may spend the whole day in the field with a phone who’s battery won’t last. We make sure to carry our battery bank for those longer days. Maybe your photos are a little out of focus. Our bluetooth shutter remote eliminates that shakiness that can come from touching the phone while snapping your photo.

Think about those really sunny days… Grab a bandit bundle that will shield the sun from your eyes while looking through your binoculars or spotting scope.

What about the exact opposite days when there is rain, but you just have to go out. The lens cap is the perfect thing to keep water and dust off your glass and protect it if you want to leave the optic ring on your eyepiece when not using it.

Whether you want it for the birds, the mammals, even the frogs and the moon, Phone Skope is the perfect addition to any birder’s arsenal.


Now it is time for you to get out in nature and try it for yourself. Have fun and share your memories with us!


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