Most hunters take pride in having a set of binoculars to view game, terrain and nature. Binoculars are also an excellent way to utilize the Phone Skope to take pictures and view distant objects. Your phone camera usually has a zoom feature to magnify the image sought but imagine using the light gathering capability of the binoculars and the magnification of the binoculars in combination with the powers of your cell phone. What a match. The full functionality of this combination can lead to great photos or simple viewing opportunities. Muley Crazy used their phone skope kit to capture this amazing 251″ Mule Deer on the Arizona Strip!

Some hunters choose to stalk or cover large distances in hopes of jumping they prey ahead of them.Others choose to find a high spot and look for their prey. Those hunters of the later method usually incorporate a spotting scope or a large pair of binoculars. Phone Skope is a perfect match for this type of use. Most views are from thousands of yards and the incorporation of the camera, optic and Phone Skope make hunting in this fashion a pleasure. Extended hunts will find hunters capturing pictures of their daily views with an all out effort the finally days to find the prey they have viewed all week. The Phone Skope provide an excellent method to help with this type of hunting.

Whether you’re a rifle, black powder or archery hunter, match up your binoculars or spotting scope with a Phone Skope and your cellphone camera.


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