Phone Skope Surveying

The first time I got caught with my Phone Skope on a transit, no joke, they laughed at me. “why would I ever need to take a picture what my transit was focused on”?

How does documentation sound? How many fights on property lines boundary disputes could have been settled had both parties had access to the measurements, landmarks, markers, etc. I recall my neighbor arguing the corner markers of an adjacent property line recently surveyed. In dispute was the corner marker used to being the survey. Had we a picture of the start of the survey, make there was an easy solution to the end of the survey which was in question.

Having been a science teacher, I try to attach a learning experience to most of life’s lesson. I recall an old rerun of Perry Mason that develops a case that deals with the Meander Line that was adjacent to the river which has changed course over time. How easily solved this could have been if there were some pictures to document where the monuments were at the time the meander lines were agreed on.

A picture of the project before the construction begins can show the geology and geography of the layout prior to the digging, construction and landscaping that occurs afterward. What an easier way that to have pictures showing the original layout prior to the finished project.

As the complete project is laid out from a single elevation point, what great insurance it would be to have the elevation shot with a picture to back it up.


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