Bandit Bundle – Bino & Spotting Scope



Have you ever gotten sore eyes from looking through your binoculars all day? No more! The Phone Skope Bino Bandit alleviates the stress on your eyes, so you can comfortably view wildlife all day long.

The Phone Skope Bino Bandit fits all binoculars and blocks wind and sun glare. The Bino Bandit is a flexible fit and improves clarity and detail when viewing through binoculars.

Alpine Spot Banditâ„¢ is designed to block ambient light, wind and glare on spotting scopes. There are only a few things that can compare to the thrill of an extreme close-up view of a rare bird or wild animal. Binoculars can get you quite close, but a spotting scope with incredible magnification is much better. One way to customize your spotting scope is to add a spotting scope glare- and wind blocker.

See better in all kinds of weather: As a result of this design feature, the user experiences higher clarity and detail. Spot Banditâ„¢ is also designed to reduce eye strain and improve visual acuity without adding extra bulk or weight. The Alpine Spot Banditâ„¢ is constructed with flexible 2MM neoprene so that it friction-fits around the eye-piece of spotting scopes. Includes a retainer loop that keeps it in place. This accessory can be attached to spotting scopes eye-piece quickly and easily.


Blocks ambient light and glare
Improves clarity and detail
Fits most spotting scopes
Flexible and comfortable
Patents pending
Made in USA

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Weight 5 oz

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