Pyro Putty Mega 8 Oz can Charcoal Starter


Pyro Putty Competition charcoal starter is the starter you have long waited for!

Guaranteed to NEVER leave a bad taste in your mouth the next time you fire up your charcoal smoker, grill or brick oven.

Our Proprietary blend is completely non-toxic. It does not contain any petroleum byproducts.

Ignore the rest and use the best – PYRO PUTTY COMPETITION CHARCOAL STARTER!

This is built 100% for starting your charcoal and maintaining flavor!

EASY TO USE: Pull a few quarter sized pieces from the can and place in the charcoal exposing the fibers and light.

Quarter size ball will burn 10 to 15 minutes.

1- 8oz has enough putty to light your charcoal 50 to 100 times depending on how big & how many pieces you use per start.

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