Seeing is Believing: Phone Skope’s Sunglasses Ideal for Sportsmen and Outdoorsmen

There are many reasons to have good optics in the field. Flying shot casings, recoil blast. eye-strain from lighting conditions – and don’t forget the dreaded tree branch that seems to come out of nowhere.

There is no question that quality eyewear in the hunting stand, on the shooting range, and on the water can be paramount to protection, comfort, and ultimately, success. The same can be said for any outdoor endeavor.

I’ve owned them all. Oakley, Costa, Randolph, and Ray Ban shades costing from $150 to a whopping $300. Then there is the litany of gas station pairs that I’ve broken or lost. For the latter, it’s neither here nor there because they don’t hold up. And for as long as they do, they offer a mediocre-at-best visual experience. Safety glasses or goggles? They can do the trick but are typically bulky and leave a lot to be desired aesthetically.

I was excited when I discovered Phone Skope eyewear. Already known for vision-enhancing outdoor gear, it should come as no surprise. The pioneer in digiscoping gear and accessories, Phone Skope sunglasses are specifically designed for hunters, shooters, and other outdoorsmen. Going on a couple of years, I’ve been putting them to the test for a variety of activities, including whitetail scouting, as well as bird hunting and fishing. Here is what I’ve discovered. 

First, what are the key variables associated with good hunting and shooting sunglasses? Visual quality, weight, fit, protection, and cost. 

The Basics of Lenses and Light

Polarized lenses are a must as they reduce glare and boost outdoor vision from the onset.  

Yellow lenses minimize haze and blue light, improving depth perception and contrast. On the other end of the spectrum, gray lenses help reduce glare from the brightest conditions (without enhancing your target). While yellow lenses are usually deemed best for skeet and target shooting, the sweet spot is the amber lenses that adequately enhance depth perception and contrast, providing good overall vision for the field.

Though Phone Skope offers all three lens types, I typically use the amber lenses for all-around utility. What I really like is that they even work well while using optics.  

Other Observations

Most of all, these feather-light sunglasses have maintained comfortability through many hot hours in the Texas hill country.  No slippage or discomfort due to excessive sweating, which I excel at. With sizable (but not excessive) lenses, they provide total coverage, even preventing peripheral glare. Though they fit me perfectly out of the box, they have an adjustable nose piece to ensure it.

There’s an elephant in the room though, and it’s a good one. At only 39.99 each, this eyewear is a no-brainer. For that, I have a pair that functions every bit as well as any high-end pair I’ve owned. The best part is Phone Skope also offers a 3-pack combo, featuring all 3 lens types for only $89.99. 

Phone Skope’s value-packed sunglasses combo includes lenses for any conceivable outdoor conditions.

To top it all off, this eyewear is not only durable but stylish. Admittedly, I’m a sucker for reasonable prices and this alternative provides me with high-end looks and functionality for my everyman budget. 

Phone Skope’s sunglasses offerings come in different styles and lenses.


Admit it. You likely spend a lot of coin on outdoor gear and accessories. If you’re anything like me, the “I want” list is endless. The latest bow, rifle, camo pattern, or trail cam are alluring. However, often overlooked, high-performance eyewear can significantly enhance an outing to the deer woods, back country hike, or trip to the beach. They can not only save your eyeballs but maximize your time afield. Phone Skope’s high-performing eyewear has you covered during your search for your latest hitlist buck or awesome sunset. They’re also good for fighting glare in the car to and from your adventures. Needless to say, I highly recommend them as part of your hunting and outdoor arsenal.


Features and Specs:

Individual pair (Smoke, Yellow, or amber lenses); $39.99

3-pair pack (all lens types); $89.99

  • Protect your eyes in all situations
  • Ultralightweight – 3 oz
  • Polarized lens
  • Durable metal frame
  • Adjustable nose piece
  • Securely fits face

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