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Do you use a spotting scope or binoculars to help sight in your rifle or for long range shooting? The Phone Skope can help you capture and record every shot!

How the Phone Skope can be used while shooting long rage by Bryce Bergen of Long Range Shooters of Utah

With nearly 400 videos of long range shooting on our YouTube channel I get asked weekly, “What camera do you use to capture these long range shots?”   It’s nearly impossible to answer because I go through at least one if not two camcorders per year because they just can’t hold up to the noise and conditions we shoot in. This year I was introduced to Phone Skope and began using it to film our long range content on my phone…what a revelation!  I’ve yet to find a camcorder that even comes close to the clarity I get shooting HD video from my iPhone through my Swarovski STR80 spotting scope using the Phone Skope.  In addition, I can quickly review and share my footage to all of our social media platforms right from my phone.  Phone Skope has helped Long Range Shooters of Utah continue to blow our viewers minds with crazy long flight times, epic impacts and one in a million long shots.

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