Stocking-Stuffing Greatness: The Gift of Phone Skope Gear

There’s an old saying that says, “dynamite comes in small packages”. Another one goes something like, “it’s small but carries a big stick”. In translation, some things are small in size, but big in effectiveness, utility, and performance.

This concept is ever-evident when it comes to Phone Skope’s lineup of products.

As their base product, Phone Skope’s digiscoping kits provide, among other things, the gift of image and video magnification. However, they also allow for visual documentation; and enhancement of outdoor memories.

This means you can freeze in time a distant majestic elk, beautiful landscape feature, or rare bird species; virtually any outdoor subject, planned or otherwise.

Phone Skope’s custom and universal adapter kits connect your favorite optics with your smartphone and optics. The result is the ability to magnify and capture distant images, as well as save and edit them. Once you have, you have documentation and memories you can revisit at any time; the gift that keeps on giving, if you will.

It’s easy to build a custom digiscoping Skope kit with Phone Skope’s builder page.

Phone Skope’s adapter kits can fit in the palm of your hand. The biggest component of the set is its custom cases that are tailored for any smartphone make and model.

Guess what? They also fit nicely in Christmas stockings.

Call me crazy, but this is a lot better than the likes of chapstick, socks, and body spray. Can I get an Amen?

A custom Phone Skope digiscoping adapter kit easily fits in your hand.

Small, yet mighty, most of Phone Skope’s offerings are ideal for filling those big socks suspended from fireplace mantles. Not only do they easily fit the inside of a stocking or mini-gift bag, but they fit your budget.

Here are a few more Phone Skope accessories that enhance the outdoor pursuits of many hunters, outdoor photographers, bird watchers, and other outdoorsmen and women; ones that will be sure to please when pulled from a holiday stocking.  

Phone Skope Charging Bank

Keeping your smartphone charged is paramount for digiscoping success. Nobody likes a dead phone, especially in outdoor spaces away from home – regardless of outdoor activity. At both 5,000 and 10,000 mAH, this 2.1-amp output power bank will protect you from such an occurrence. Even better, Phone Skope offers it with both and 3-in-1 braided charging cable and an aluminum alloy cube Bluetooth speaker.

Phone Skope’s 10000 mAH Charging Bank


Phone Skope K.I.S.S. Binocular Chest Pack (Fits 8x & 10x Binos)

Made in the USA, the Phone Skope chest pack protects your optics and provides storage for your Phone Skope Kit, and other necessities, including calls and licenses. It includes backpack-friendly straps, with breathable webbing. Maintaining your optics is crucial and this pack will keep them in top-functioning order. It will also keep your binos close to the vest for easy access.

Our Phone Skope Chest Pack, which is proudly made in the U.S.A. The perfect gift for any hunter!

Bino Bandit

The very definition of small, yet mighty, the Bino Bandit is lightweight and compact. Nevertheless, they alleviate eye strain, allowing you to comfortably view wildlife longer. The Phone Skope Bino Bandit fits all binoculars and blocks both sun glare and wind.

Phone Skope’s Bino Bandit.

Bino harness

Phone Skope’s Bino Harness features a cross-over-the-shoulder design that eliminates bouncing binoculars, keeping them secure to your chest, and works great for hiking, hunting, riding quads and horses, and more. The bino system retains elasticity and will not stretch out like imported brands, is fully adjustable with elastic straps that allow the binoculars to slide up and flex out while in use, and features quick-release hooks, which allow for easy removal of binoculars.

Eliminate those bouncing binoculars with Phone Skope’s Bino Harness.

Wireless Shutter Remote

Phone Skope’s Bluetooth Shutter Button will eliminate blurry photos while digiscoping. The shutter button easily connects to your phone and has an on/off switch to conserve battery power. The shutter button quickly recharges with the included mini-USB cable and is compatible with most iOS and Android devices; the gift of stability and image clarity in the palm of your hand.

With Phone Skope’s Wireless shutter remote, those blurry pics will be a thing of the past.

Phone Skope Logo Gear

Phone Skope doesn’t only offer digital gear and accessories, but items that proudly show the attractive company logo. Help your family and friends display and celebrate their love for the outdoors with Phone Skope branded gear.

Phone Skope offers a wide rage of branded apparel.

Gift Cards

Gift cards often unfairly get a bad rap. I’m not sure why because I love to shop for what I want. For one, Phone Skope gift cards are ideal for buying digiscoping kits from the Phone Skope builder page. After all, the recipient knows best when fitting to their optics and smartphone. Let the outdoor enthusiast in your life access all of Phone Skope’s offerings with a gift card.

Consider gracing your loved one’s stocking with the gift of outdoor adventure, and more importantly, memories. After all, dynamite comes in small packages.

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