Austin Dillon Cooler Tray

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The Cooler Tray fits in the base of your cooler allowing the melted ice to drain through it, while keeping your food elevated above the water. This eliminated the soggy food mess that is so common with cooler use.

It also allows for your Ice to last up to 24 hours longer in normal conditions. It holds up to 5 times the amount of food that of a common cooler food basket does. It not only holds your food but your ice as well, so that your ice will melt at a much slower rate.

This product is a dream for Cooler users of all kinds. It solves the soggy, wasteful food mess that commonly occurs; while saving the user money, stress. Giving those that use The Cooler Tray™ peace of mind and more time to enjoy the outdoors.

$ 29.99

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