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Pyro Putty 2 Oz Can Waterproof Fire Starter

Pyro Putty is a must have for anyone and everyone! Life throws curveballs daily. Be prepared with PYRO PUTTY! Pyro Putty's proprietary blend allows you to build a fire at any given time. Cold, Hot, Wet, or Wind Just light it up with Pyro Putty!

Pyro Putty comes in 3 unique blends:

- WINTER BLEND BLUE (Thinner for cold temps)
- SUMMER BLEND ORANGE (Thicker for Hot Temps)
- ECO GREEN (Created w/ 100% renewable resources)

Key Features -

- Waterproof
- Floating
- The size of a nickel will burn for 6 to 10 minutes producing a 4-6 inch flame.
- Easy Light
- Multi-fire Fire starter! Build up to 80 fires with ONE 2oz can!

$ 12.99

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