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Rifle Accessory Package

A must have package! Carry your rifle and protect your riflescope.

Rifle Sling - Neoprene rifle sling with non-slip texture. Hand-hold on the strap for a more secure carry. Adjusts to 36". Swivels included.

Rifle Scope Cover - The Phone Skope Neoprene Rifle Scope Cover prevents unwanted scratches and keeps lenses clean, clear, and dry. Made out of 3mm thick high quality neoprene, the Rifle Scope Cover stretches for easy on and off and features a pull tab for quick removal.
Choose from 3 sizes ; small, medium and large

The SMALL Neoprene Rifle Scope Cover FITS SCOPES SIZES 11.5" - 13" - STANDARD 3-9x40 and more.
The MEDIUM Neoprene Rifle Scope Cover FITS SCOPE SIZES 13" - 16.5" - 4-16x50 5.5-22x50 6-24x50 and more.
The LARGE Neoprene Rifle Scope Cover FITS SCOPES SIZES 17" - 21" - SUN SHADES and more.

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