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Weekly Deal - Pyro Putty Kit | 72 Hour Preparedness

Did your power go out?

Were you caught in a snowstorm?

Did you get soaked with rain on a long hike?

You may not have experienced any of these yet, but if you spend enough time in the outdoors, you likely will. It's better to be prepared than to be stuck for hours or even days without a way to start a fire.

Stay prepared with the Pyro Putty 72 Hour Preparedness Kit.

This kit includes the following :

- A 2 oz Can of Summer Pyro Putty, which is good for starting up to 30 fires. It's waterproof and can be lit in the harshest conditions.

- A Rechargeable Dual Arc Lighter that's good for 300 strikes and is windproof. If it runs out of juice, just recharge it!

- A Compact Ferro Rod because you always want to have a second way to spark a flame on you. If the lighter dies, bust the Ferro rod out. You'll get a fire ripping in no time.

Throw a kit in your car. Have one in your desk. Stash one in your purse. Always be prepared. You never know what will happen.

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